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Saturday, July 9, 2016

June 2016 Bullet Journal flip Through

Hello everyone!

Did you give up on me?  My daughter did.  She yells at me that I never blog anymore.

Well I've not give it up completely, I just have lots of interests these days. But I thought y'all might want to see my latest video I just uploaded about the flip through of my bullet journal/scrapbook all about June 2016.

Have a good day y'all!,


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Still here!

Hi y'all.  I'm still here, I promise.  It's just been an icky week for me.  I can't I haven't had time to blog, but I usually spent that time watching You Tube videos or oversleeping.

That's my Traveler's Notebook Bullet Journal/Planner and my Lilly Pulitzer weekly planner. The journal is one of the reasons I didn't blog at all in the last year.  I was writing everything in my journal instead of posting it here. I used to be upset that I didn't journal anymore,... but I have been - all these years I've been blogging, it's been my journal.  Last year made it plain I can't seem to keep a paper journal and a blog at the same timer, so I am really trying this year to do both.  

There's so much to catch up on from the last year. I think I may actually go through last year's journal and do occasional Flashback posts to talk about things that happened last year so I have a record of them here as well as in my books.  That could really work!  

But I don't want to just dwell in the past, so here's some stuff going on recently!

My 3rd daughter, Faelyn turned 18 this year, is a senior in high school and graduating next month, and just got her acceptance letter to Berea College!  She didn't make the first round of selections, so we were stressed that she might not make it even though we thought she had everything she needed... and FINALLY!  She got the letter a couple of weeks ago.  The local non-profit she has been a part of since she was little has been really instrumental in getting her into Berea.  Rural Resources has a partnership with Grow Appalachia which is based there in Berea, KY.  They've been such a great help with the teen program and encouraged the teens to go to Berea and check it out and do the tours etc.  Faelyn went a couple years ago and fell in love with the school.  I went with the group this past year (That's a whole other Flashback post!) and she had her interview and I got to tour the campus. It's an amazing school.  The tuition is 100% free to any student who gets in and then there's even more grants etc on top of that for room and board.  Laptops are even provided! The catch is that it's a working college. Virtually everything is done by the students. There are very few staff members other than faculty and a few admins etc.  It's run by the students, so they work off their tuition. They also have paid internships all over the world,  The college pays for them, so an internship that would normally not pay or just be a volunteer position can be a paid position through the Berea program. I am really hoping she can get into something like that for the summers on the coast so she can intern in her field.  She wants to be a marine biologist/conservationist. I'm so proud of her!



Let's see... what else is going on.  My youngest daughter, Zoe is now 13 and prefers to be called Ren and is gender fluid. Her goal is to look so androgynous that you can't tell which gender she is.  She feels that's the best fit for her.  I support him/her fully.  I'm still getting used to the "they" pronoun.  I'm not against, it, I'm just hard to change my ways. To be honest though, most days she does her makeup and looks very much like a girl, so I just go with whatever feels right at the time.  She's not too picky.

 She does a really great Dean Winchester Cosplay though! 

 My oldest daughter, Corina has had a rough year and then some.  She's finally got a great job.  She's a manager at the local Sonic and just loves it.  She's supporting the whole household of her and her husband and sister in law and mother in law though.  I worry she's just pushing herself too hard, but she's such a hard worker and is determined to make it through whatever comes their way.  Recently, they finally got the eviction notice they knew would be coming since her father-in-law had passed away and then her mother-in-law had lost her disability due to a paperwork error that was the doctor's fault apparently.  So, they couldn't make the house payments and would be homeless as well, but someone heard about it and offered them their trailer since they were buying a new one and didn't need the old one.  Corina and them just had to pay to move it and get it set up.  The guy even hooked them up with a man who had a lot all set up and ready to put the trailer on for just $150 a month. Sounds great right?  Well, it's been a nightmare trying to do all of that in the winter and wet season here, and having non-trustworthy folks doing the work so they got farther and farther behind with what needed to be done.  They finally moved into it with no power on and lived like that for almost 3 weeks before they got the stuff done that was needed for the inspection to get the power on, but they're still not happy with some things and they have to get more stuff done or they'll turn it back off.  I can't believe the amount of rules and permits!  It's ridiculous.  These fees and crap are how the county is making their money! I really hope they can get it all taken care of and settled soon so they can relax a little and finally just live their lives in peace! 

This is the view out their new front door! They have a huge lot too.  I'm a little jealous lol!


I sort of adopted a son this past year as well.  I think I've blogged about him before.  Ducky is such a sweet heart.  He's one of Rhiannon's best friends and has borrowed our couch a few times before, but this last summer he was homeless so we let him move in.  It was tight, with someone always on the couch or Ren sleeping on an extra bed we'd set us in the master bedroom, but it was worth it to help him get on his feet and figure out what he needed to do.  And he sure did!  He enrolled at the local private college and is in pre-law/political science. So, since January, he's been living on campus, but in a couple of weeks, he'll be back here, and then a week after that Rhiannon will be back as well. 

 I always told my kids they'll always have a home here, and they take me up on it LOL!  Rhiannon's husband Joe is currently deployed in Afghanistan and she's staying in college until she graduates, even if it means they're still not together for a couple more years so she'll be home for summers when he's deployed or somewhere she can't be. And Ducky will likely be staying here when not in school until he graduates as well unless he ends up finding someone to move in with.  Though his job wouldn't work around his college schedule, so he had to quit and just to work study... I think most of us know that doesn't pay much. So, my house will be full of kids for some time to come at least during the summers!  This Fall is will be so quiet!  Ducky, Rhiannon AND Faelyn will all be gone back to college.  So this summer we have a lot of memories to make! And I'll try to post them all here!

Okay, I think that's it for now. Hopefully I'll be able to get my act together and get a video done soon - though I have no idea if anyone would have any interest in watching it, but I'll give it a try. 

Have a great day y'all! 

Monday, April 4, 2016

A year? Really?

My goodness!

It's no wonder I lost about a dozen followers on here.

First of all, I want to say HI!!  to anyone who's actually reading this and especially to those who used to read my blog and came back to see if I was still alive.

Boy, what a year it's been!

Probably the biggest thing was that my daughter, Rhiannon, got married!

But that's certainly not the only thing.

I'm going to try to catch y'all up on the big stuff, and maybe do some storytime posts about other stuff.

I also want to maybe start vlogging. I'd post them on YouTube, and then also put them into posts here, maybe along with more photos and text elaborating on what I talk about in the vlog.

I'm not going to bore y'all with a bunch of stuff right now.  But please do check back. I'm pretty sure this time, it won't take me a year to post again!

Love y'all!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Been distracted, incontinent dogs, other people's kids, being fat, maybe getting back on track.

Hey y'all. 

I am sorry if you have been looking for more videos about my journals or planners or just anything really. My brain's felt a little more addled than normal lately, and I've been dealing with a tension headache/migraine that's not wanting to go away fully. I get a few hours of reprieve and then it's back.  I have figured out how to sense it coming on, and can try to subdue it by just sitting quietly and taking a ton of Tylenol.  That has really kind of messed up my plans of actually accomplishing anything.

The last couple of days have been much better, thankfully. Yesterday, I finally got my entire living room swept and mopped.  Even used a real cotton mop and bucket like mom always did.  I'd been using those washable pads and the Flylady mop and swiffer and stuff, but this time it needed a deep cleaning.  Y'all ... it was embarrassingly gross. My daughter's dog needs to get his boy bits cut off and quit marking stuff or her boyfriend is going to find himself with a new dog.  ARGH it's so frustrating.  And my dog, Sophie... omg she barks to go out ALL the time, and due to my weird hours at work, she doesn't have any sort of regular sleep schedule either, so all day and all night she needs to go out to pee.  Lately, I have been going to bed as soon as I log off from work, so I'm in bed by 3:30am, so I can try to have some sort of life during the daylight hours with my family... her bladder is not accustomed to this.  So, now and then, not only do I find the obvious signs of Mr. Wiggles marking a piece of furniture for the hundredth time, but also giant puddles in the MIDDLE of the living room floor! Ok,... must calm down before I trigger another headache.

So, yeah I mopped my living room floor within an inch of its life. Hot soapy water, cotton old fashioned mop.  Then I rinsed out the mop, dumped the bucket in the driveway like Mom always did and refilled the bucket at the spigot outside where I rinsed the mop (not doing THAT in my sink yuck!)  Then came back in and mopped it again with cold clean water, ringing out the mop each time. Rinsed out the mop and hung it outside to dry with the bucket. I defied anyone to walk on that wet floor.

It finally dried and the furniture was put back, just in time for the kids we were babysitting to show up. A friend of ours who is battling cancer for the 2nd time in her young life had tickets to a concert 4 hours away, and couldn't get any of her family to babysit her boys.  They are a handful. So, we agreed. When you have that sort of thing going on in your life, you need to see as many concerts as you want. So, her boys were dropped off by a mutual friend after school.  At first it was cool.  They did their homework without being asked. One sat and played with toys we had laying around here and watched TV with me, talking over the good parts of course.  The other one asked to play video games on my computer.  Thankfully my youngest was here and knew the boys well and played with them each for a while and got the computer set up for them. Also, thankfully, my husband was off work and home when they got here, so he dealt with the fact that they refused to eat what we cooked for dinner (though we knew they wouldn't want pierogies and broccoli and cheese). I don't know what their mom feeds them, but apparently it's not mashed potatoes, or broccoli and cheese. I went to my office and logged into work, and he got them to take baths and finally asleep on the couch. I am just not equipped to deal with kids at this point in my life.  I'm sure a grandchild would be different since you start out slow... but two 8yr old boys.  Nope. Kudos to those of you who take in relatives or foster kids etc.  Y'all have my respect.

Oh, yesterday, I also got Zoe and my husband to help get the piles of junk and trash that had accumulated over the winter. The porch looks so much better, but still has a long way to go.  Christopher wants to fix the railing and stain/paint it this year. We need to put a new set of steps on it as well. We've decided to stay here at least until Zoe has graduated high school, so hopefully this year, we can get some much needed home improvement and maintenance done outside.

Today, I woke up at 11:30 as I have for the last few days.  I am so glad to finally be on a new sleep schedule and it's working out! Being up before noon gives me so much time to get stuff done around here and still do stuff I want to do on my own, like catch up on TV shows or maybe even work out.  I hate working out when other people are around.  So I just don't.  Today was a GORGEOUS day. Sun shining a few fluffy clouds and 74 degrees. I made my protein shake, then walked the dogs and decided today would be the day to start a new habit. It'll require me to keep some cash on hand, but it's well worth it. A little before 2pm, I downloaded the first Longmire book on my phone's Audible app and had charged my phone and bluetooth headphones.  I got the headphones working and the book started and I headed out towards Sonic.  It's a 15 minute walk from my house to Sonic. Mostly up a pretty steep hill, but listening to the book took my mind off of that completely and before I knew it, I was practically to the Sonic parking lot. I sat at one of their outdoor tables and pushed the walk-up order menu button.  From 2-4pm every day, they have Happy Hour with half price drinks and 99 cent corn dogs. Now, yes I know the corn dog completely countered any calories I burned with this walk, and I hadn't planned on getting a corn dog, but it sounded so good. I don't plan on getting one every time, maybe once a week. I did get my usual 44 oz Diet Dr Pepper. After I finished the corn dog, I turned the book back on and headed back home. Carrying a huge Styrofoam cup like that is pretty awkward, but well worth it. I love my Diet Dr Pepper.

While losing numbers on the scale will be really nice to see again, what I am really looking forward to is finally seeing my legs and thighs shaping up again.  I used to walk every evening, years ago.  of course I was younger then, and losing weight and toning up was a lot easier.  But I remember seeing my legs shape up over the months I walked.  Now, they are like giant fleshy tree trunks. It's awful. My arms are worse, but I don't see anything really helping them.  Even if I can tone them up, that flab never goes away. Legs are just easier, so I'm just going to concentrate on them.  The rest of it will come along.. weight loss,  Waist size will shrink.. eventually.  I will be looking at numbers on the scale as far as the goal goes.  I want to lose 10 lbs for my first goal.  I feel like that's attainable, and not too far reaching. That'll finally get me back into the 220s which I was at a few years ago.  I've been in the 240s and 230s for the last... 4-5 years now maybe? It's not the size I want to be my default. I feel and look much better in the 220s.  Then, when that's accomplished, I want to get into the 210s again. Eventually I want to get back under 200.  I don't know if I will, but that's the ultimate goal. I'll still be overweight, obese even, officially, but I'll sure look and feel better than I do now, and that's all I really want.  So, today I started the journey with a walk that was just about 1 mile total. Long way to go.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to Dollywood! Opening weekend 2015 Season.

We got season passes to Dollywood again this year.  They have an amazing installment plan now that makes it much easier to get the passes for a larger family. Opening weekend was March 21-22, with a special day on the 20th for pass holders only.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go until Sunday, but that's okay.

I did a video while we were there if you'd like to see it. :)

I didn't get too many photos on this one since I was doing video.  But I did get to use my zoom on the bald eagles. Usually I was never able to get good shots of them since my phone didn't zoom.  My new little point and shoot isn't too bad.

One of the coolest rides from the outside is the Mystery Mine since it's a partially indoor roller coaster.

The General Store.  I love this place.

Unfortunately, Zoe got sick after we'd been there a couple of hours, so we headed out.  She did ride the Firechaser Express which we'd been trying to get her to ride all last year.  So, that's a plus anyway.  No the roller coaster didn't make her sick lol.  It was caused by something else.

From there, we headed back to Rhiannon's college to drop her off after Spring Break.  It was not the best week for me I'm afraid.  I was having some pretty down days, and it affected the house and my sleep patterns. Rhiannon ended up sleeping most of the week anyway - probably catching up on it after a busy semester.

Then we headed home and I slept .. a lot. This week, I've had a tension headache for about 4 days and it's not going away. So, I am going to try to sleep it away tonight as well. 

So, please enjoy the video, it's not really great quality LOL.  Hopefully I'll improve greatly at taking videos :)

Have a great week!