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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Little Good News (I Hope) and A Little About My Husband

Ok, first of all, *knock on wood*.  I don't want to jinx this!

A few days ago, my husband came home from work and said, "I'm going to tell you something, and I don't want you to get too excited or start planning for anything."  Well, I prepared myself for the worst. He didn't give any sign as to whether it was good news or bad, so I waited.

A little bit  lot of a backstory here.  My husband, Christopher, worked for KMart for 14 years.  He did almost everything there was to do in that store, from starting out as Christmas help in toys to overnight supervisor, to stockroom asst manager, to stockroom manager to dept manager over all sorts of depts. He was laid off in January 2006 when they restructured, and found a new job with Blockbuster as an assistant manager. He was with them for a few months when he had his heart attack in January 2007. (I kind of hate January now.)  He realized a large part of it was the stress he was under at work, so he quit. He went back to Kmart and applied and was hired immediately for the stockroom. They had a new store manager by then, and the one who had laid him off had actually been demoted and moved to another store... but anyway the new manager immediately saw that Christopher had potential, and made him a key carrier. Within a few months, he was the new Assistant Manager. The store has gone through 4 Store Managers since then, but Christopher just kept on doing his job, and doing it well. One store manager was getting ready to retire and was going to recommend Christopher to be given the store when he did so in a year or so. Unfortunately, that manager was transferred to another store when districts got rearranged, and a new manager was brought in when she moved from New York. She was nice and fair, so at least that was good. Christopher was still going to look into the management training program the company has and see if he could get into one of the classes. However, the new district manager was horrible. He told me she reminded him so much of Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, in looks and personality. Basically, just mean.  He'd had glowing reviews from every previous manager and even the previous district manager had respected him when he basically rant the store alone before the new manager was brought in... but not this new one.  In the end, it was obvious she wanted her own team of people running the store.  She fired my husband, and she harassed the new manager, who had just moved here from NY for the job, so badly that she tearfully announced her retirement to the whole store after a phone call with the DM.  Christopher had been the Asst Manager there for 6 1/2 years. 

He was unemployed for 4 months, during which he did look for jobs, but we were doing okay with my income and his unemployment and money we got when his grandfather passed away. So he was able to wait until he found the right job. Fortunately, another company had also been doing some restructuring, and one store's store manager was going to be made a district manager over a whole new district they were creating, and the store's asst manager was going to be store manager for a different store.  So the store desperately needed someone.  So, Christopher got a call and an interview and became the assistant manager of a local discount retail store (not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I'd rather not say it here and jinx it more). It's not in our town, but about 30 minutes away in a rural area (yeah even more rural then here). The DM who hired him, said the store still needed a store manager and that if Christopher did well, he saw him likely getting the store manager position in a couple months. That made the big paycut for his current position really worth it. we just had to hang in there and hope it did happen. It was all sort of up in the air though, because the restructuring was still going on, and the DM who hired him was no longer his DM after just a week, and we didn't know how the new one would feel.

Which brings us to the conversation I started off with...  The new District Manager had called Christopher at work and informed him that the lady who had been the store manager of his store before was finally officially a new District Manager. It was finalized in the system, so finally he could get a new store manager for the store.. and was Christopher interested?  He of course said he was, and the DM said he'd be in soon to talk to him further about it.


I couldn't jump up and down and go crazy with cheering when he told me because he said not to over react. So, that's why I'm telling you all LOL!  It's certainly not a done deal yet, but it sure sounds promising! OMG I am so excited and proud of him!  I told y'all that backstory to give you an idea of the experience he has going into this job.  In fact, I told Christopher that in this new company I can not only see him as being a store manager, but also going on to be a district or regional manager. I'll support him in whatever he wants, even if it's just managing his store. I know he'll be excellent at it.

I will let y'all know if/when we get word that it's official. Of course, it does seem in this company that things like that take some time, so who knows.

Have a great day y'all!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A New Video is Up: My Finances Book

Hey y'all!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my YouTube channel and watched my first video.  Lots of big smiles here seeing that happen. :)

I have finally figured out (sort of)  what I'm doing and actually had a little spare time with hubby was gone to work and kids were asleep and there was daylight!  In this house, that doesn't happen often on my schedule!

I filmed a video on the "book dori"  I made for my finances.  I talk a little about how I made it and even link to the video I saw that taught me how to do it.  Then I talk a little about how I use the books inside and budget and plans.

I may do a more in depth talk on our 6 Phase Plan and how we use the cash envelopes in another video if anyone wants to see that.

Let me know if there's any other videos you'd like to see or blog posts.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Winder Wonderland

I am kind of over the snow, but you have to admit, it sure is gorgeous in the early morning moments before there's tons of foot prints and snowmen...

There were 7 inches of snow on the porch rail when I took these.  Christopher had just left for work.  You can see his tracks. Now the sides of the roads have those big piles of snow from plows and traffic, and soon they'll start turning black from exhaust. I hope it all melts quickly and Spring makes an appearance.  It's almost March for Pete's sake!  I know... in August I'll be wishing it was cold again LOL  To be honest, I don't hate snow.  I kind of want to go sledding!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My cat came home and MORE SNOW!

Porchie is home!  He came home and scratched at the door this afternoon.  He's been in is box asleep ever since. Well, he got up a couple times to get pettin's and use the litter box and went back to his box to sleep.  He's currently snoring away next to me.  I guess he must have been awake all night to be this tired. Everything was covered in snow and it's been COLD. I have no idea where he was, but I am very glad he's back home safe and sound!

I'm still not feeling well. Feels like a stomach virus. Feel five elsewhere, but my tummy is very not happy with me.  Nothing I ate though and it's been a little over a day now. I sure hope no one else in the family gets it! 

It is currently snowing here AGAIN!

This was on the porch rail of my front porch at 3am on February 26, 2015.

This porch had been clear before it started snowing tonight. This was taken at 3am Feb 26, 2015.

It is pretty though.

I just wish my husband didn't have to drive to work on unplowed roads by 6am. :(  He never calls in due to weather, ever. We don't have a 4x4 either, he drives a 20+ year old Dodge sedan. Praying once again that he makes it there and back safely.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well, I *was* going to do a video twice a week on my days off...

I originally planned on doing a video on my nights off, Saturday and Tuesday, so they'd get uploaded on Sunday and Wednesday.  Unfortunately, today I have just been super busy and then just felt out of sorts. Got a bit of a tummy issue, maybe due to switching the protein powder I usually use.  Really wish I'd stayed with the other one. 

But anyway, not only that, but this evening, we all sort of realized my cat, Porchie was not making a nuisance of himself. Faelyn said she let him out this morning, and hadn't seen him since. It snowed 4-6 inches overnight and this morning. I went out and called for him several times, but his distinct scratch at the door was never heard. I just pray that he's found some other home in the neighborhood where he probably eats 2nd or 3rd dinners and they've let him in out of the cold. Not sure why else he never came home.  I don't even want to think about it, but to be honest I have a sick feeling.  Hopefully tomorrow, I'll wake up and he'll have come home, been let in and he'll be curled up around my head as normal.

So yeah just not in the mood to do a video or much of a blog post tonight. Hopefully after I see my sweet boy again, I'll be in better spirits. Seriously though, the damn snow can just stop already.