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Sidetracked by Gilmore Girls

Warning, this is a long rambling blog!

I've been sort of absent here for a month, though I did think about posting... I just found myself distracted.  I don't even know why I made the choice to start episode one, but once I clicked Play for the first time on Gilmore Girls, that was it.  I was done for until I was finished. I am a total stereotypical binge-watcher. Now, though, I am all done with the original series and the Year in the Life mini series. I feel like I've lost a best friend, though.  Anyone else feel that way?  I almost feel as if I'm homesick for Stars Hollow as well. The town will live on in my imagination... and probably fanfics.

During all this time, I did the barest of minimums around the house.  It basically got back to the way it had been before.  I'd cringe when I walked into my kitchen.  This would happen for a few days until I couldn't take it anymore and I'd get all the dishes done and scrub it down... then go another 3 or 4 days.  …

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