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Update on the kiddo's wrist and other cool things

For anyone who read my earlier post, I wanted to give an update.  Today Ren is walking around without the wrap on it, using it normally, and says it doesn't hurt except for a twinge now and then.  HOORAY!!!

They've been playing with FX makeup techniques today too.

In other news, we just realized today, that our whole family will be going tubing in the creek and staying at a cabin in the woods on Friday the 13th! If someone doesn't take a hockey mask, I'll be disappointed, to be honest.

I also just made hotel reservations for this upcoming amazingness!

Nathan Sharp's (NateWantsToBattle) Paid in Exposure tour is kicking off in August in NASHVILLE!!!!  That's 4 hours from here, and we are SO GOING!  It's on my husband's birthday too!  If you've never heard of him, then please go check out his latest video HERE.  And you can get his latest album, Paid in Exposure on Spotify, Apple Music and buy it on iTunes. You can probably tell I'm a huge fan. :D …

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