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So apparently I never blog during the summer anymore

Hi all! It was indeed a busy summer.  I have 3 days off work every week, Thurs-Sat - and I think we had stuff going on every single one of them.  In fact, my yard went so long without getting mowed that my landlord complained, OOPS!  (yeah my house was full of healthy, strong college kids, but *I* was the only one who mowed the yard). I'm planning to get some posts up soon about some of the things we did this summer.

As far as right now, well... things have been better.  My husband quit his very high-stress job on July 21st, and is still unemployed. I was already only bringing in about half of what he did, and now it's even less, since they're taking family medical insurance premiums out of my checks now.  So, obviously, things are really tight, and just not good. I do work online, so I will at least always have Internet.  So, I can at least get back into blogging.

I am still in the process of getting the house back to "normal" after being swamped with college k…

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