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Prayers going out to those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut

Gearing up for Christmas and other random stuff.

Good new and bad news

A tiny update.

New Account Bonus Code for Swagbucks!

I have discovered Swagbucks!

I think I can actually see the light!

Thank goodness!

Too much going on, here's highlights.

Changing Cell Phones to Help Save Money

SO Sick of Fruit Flies!!

Looking back.

It's working! Finances update.

My husband's second article is up!

My husband's article has been posted!

Sticking to it, a day at a time. Menu and grocery shopping.

Great news for Hubby!

Thought I'd blown it.

Menu for October 5-12.

Rough Times Ahead...

The changing view from my backyard.

Great deal on my kitchen chair cushions

Finally have some Fall decorating done!

Hubby's Job Update