Great deal on my kitchen chair cushions

As seen in my Fall Decorating post, I have new kitchen chair cushions for the chairs around the breakfast table. I love them!
 This is how my breakfast table looked before I changed it up for Fall. Having place settings out did actually keep the kids and hubby from dumping stuff on the table. That was nice.

 I love the red and white toile pattern on these.

 With this great plaid on the other side. 

The best thing about these cushions is the price!  I found them on clearance at Kmart for $8 each and then they were having an Extra 30% off Clearance sale! So I got them for $5.60 each. I am so glad I stopped by the Kmart in the town where Rhiannon was having her Honors Chorus auditions. My local store only had one, but that other store had 4 of them, so I got all 4! The 4th chair sits at the end of the big dining table in the living room, so I put a cushion on it too.

I also nabbed these!

 Just $3 each!!  My local store never had these, but the other one had 2 left on their clearance racks. I adore them.

 They have the states and state flowers on them!

The ribbon detail on the edges is so cute too. I think they fit perfectly into my white, red and yellow retro kitchen.
They also had a whole line of this pattern of kitchen linens, also on clearance. I was running low on money I allowed myself to spend, so I only got two of these great rooster napkins.  I knew they'd look great in my country breakfast nook.

 I thought I'd do a simple setting with just my Dollar Tree white plates, (I don't have fancy silverware), and milk glasses I got my my husband's grandmother. I was really cute while I had it set that way. Now I'll need to do a more Fall themed simple setting.  Maybe just add a couple Fall napkins and napkin rings.

Well, I'm going to go crawl in bed and try not to feel so horrible.  I never had allergies as a kid, but my body has turned on me. I hope you all are having a great weekend!