Finally have some Fall decorating done!

I had to get all new Fall decorations since the storage building fiasco of 2011. I'd seen another blogger give herself a budget of $10 and went to Dollar Tree.  She got some great stuff and inspired me. Sorry I didn't bookmark the site, so I can't remember where the blog was. :(    Anyway, I decided to try it myself.I did spend more than $10, but I had other things I needed to get too.  I still think I kept the Fall stuff down to around 10-12 things, maybe a little more including the candles - which can be used year round.

 This was actually the last thing I did any decorating to.  The kitchen table used to have the red checkered tablecloth and the bright yellow round placemats under the basket in the middle.  I took off the tablecloth, found an old tablerunner (that needs a good ironing), got out my brown placemats and my old pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.  I also replaced the blue stoneware dish the basket had been sitting in, with this beigey apple pie dish.  I also added a vintage yellow napkin to the basket for some more color. The basket holds the trivets. I added one little sprig of fake oak leaves too.
It's simple, but I like it.  I need to do a quick post on those chair cushions too.  love them. (I really need to change the saying on my chalkboard lol)

Then moving into the living room..
 The sun's pretty bright here.  Can't believe I have shots in daylight!

 I got the runner at Big Lots actually for $6. The candles, leaves and ribbon are from Dollar Tree.
I found the candle holder and the pinecones in my closet when I cleaned it out this week.  The little orange cups are from my husband's great grandmother.  When she passed away, everything in her house was orange. Apparently she went through color phases. I just love the little cups and hope to get the little battery tea lights to put in them so they'll flicker at night.
I love that the ribbon has the wheat on it, but it's a brighter color. Looks great in the living room.

The other place I decorated was the hallway table (my sideboard that used to be in the kitchen).
The lighting is terrible in the hallway since there's not much natural light.

  I loved these sunflowers at Dollar Tree and just scrunched them together with a bunch of fake maple leaves from there as well. I switched out the blue vase that was there for this Mason jar.  I put some of the green wheat ribbon the jar to give it some color and help hold the flowers in place and hide the stems.

 The little rock (sorry it's not a good pic of it), says Gather with a Grateful Heart.  I got it at Dollar tree as well. Also, the little pumpkin spice candle on my cake dish is from Dollar Tree.
 These birds I got at a thrift store years ago.  They used to sit on a shelf in my laundry room, but one fell and broke.  My best friend was visiting at the time and sat and glued it back together the best he could. I don't even mind the cracks. I'm just glad to still have the little guys.
 That little fake bamboo plant behind them was half price at Dollar General a while back so I grabbed it to add some greenery to this table. My hubby likes how it looks with the bids in this vignette.

 I knew I HAD to have some of the adorable little pumpkins at Dollar Tree, and I picked these three. So cute.

That clutter down the hall is actually someone else's stuff. He never takes it with him when he visits, so it just sits there.  The box underneath it is from when we had the gate there to keep the animals out of the hallway. They kept wriggling under the sideboard. Need to get rid of the box though haha.  Never seem to have the house magazine perfect lol. 

Yep.  Feels like Fall in my home. And I didn't have to drag out tubs of stuff from storage. This stuff will all easily fit into one small box afterwards.  Less is more. And cheaper.

Happy Fall Y'all!

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