Thank goodness!

Ok, I called Animal Control and finally talked to a live person.

Turns out we can only have 2 dogs in the city, no matter how big they are (boy do I know a TON or people breaking that law.) So, I called Corina, my oldest, and she said they had already talked about taking back Dixie since they're the ones who asked us to take her from them originally, and since we can't just have 3 dogs, then maybe Wiggles too.  She said she'd call her husband and see what he says and call me back, but it sounds promising!

Wiggles has to stay in quarantine til November 9th and it'll be a $145 fee to pick him up. We'll have to find that money somewhere, but we have to get him back.

The officer said they could have given us a ticket for having more than 2 dogs, but maybe they felt sorry for Faelyn since she was sobbing about losing Wiggles as it was and neither parent was there. So, at least that's good. They did ask to make sure we're getting down to 2 dogs though.

I think Dixie knows something is up.  She keeps jumping in my lap and whimpering. Poor thing.

I called the car rental place and since no one will be there to take me home til after 3:30, I get the car for an extra hour. So I'm going to go grab the last couple of things on my grocery list they were out of yesterday, and pay a couple bills.

It's annoying that my sleep schedule puts me so far off the normal daily schedule of society, but at least since I work nights, I am able to get this stuff done during the day (even if I don't get as much sleep heh).

So, these huge fines I had in my head weren't really as big as I feared afterall, and it looks like maybe we'll be able to keep the dogs in the family. Thank goodness!

***EDIT***  Corina called back.  They do want both dogs, and is so anxious to have Dixie back, they wanted me to bring her over tonight - but I don't have a vehicle that runs and have to work heh. Looks like we'll be taking her tomorrow. They want her to have a couple days alone with them and the cats before Wiggles joins them. Best of all, Faelyn is okay with it.  She says they have to bring the dogs to visit all the time haha.  Whew!

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