Menu for October 5-12.

I just got back from grocery shopping for the week. I spent $49.57, though as I had said before, I have some stuff in my food storage area for a rainy day. I had to get some non-food stuff this week like toilet paper and catfood as well. (I got the cheap store brand cat food for $6.50 for a 13 lb bag).

Today was going to be Chicken Casserole, but we've been invited to a birthday get together at a friend's house. They usually do a cookout.

Saturday, Polish sausage and potato soup. I still have a bag of potatoes I'd bought last week, and I had gotten some marked down sausage and put it in the freezer a couple months ago.

Sunday, Taco soup

Monday, Baked pork chops. I still have some in the freezer from when SavMor had them on markdown really cheap.

Tuesday, Hamburger helper (I get chubs of ground turkey at Save A Lot for $1.00 and they have boxes of Hamburger Helper for $1.00 each). I add extra pasta to it to make it stretch.

Wednesday, Meatloaf and mac n cheese since it's Family Dinner Night. I use one of the $1.00 turkey chubs and 1 lb of ground beef that's only $2.50 at Dollar General Market. SavMor has bags of pasta for 67 cents and I'd stocked up a while back, and DGM had bags of shredded cheese for just $1.50.

Thursday, Spaghetti (can of sauce just $1.00 at DGM and I already had pasta from when I stocked up at SavMor).

Friday, home made pizzas, I had two boxes of jiffy pizza dough mix in food storage and I'd gotten some packs of pepperoni when they were on sale for $1 each. I also had a can of spaghetti sauce in food storage to go with the pizza dough, and I got a bag of mozz cheese for $1.50 at DGM.

The chicken casserole I won't be cooking for dinner tonight can be made and packaged up for lunches for the kids and Christopher. (I already had all the stuff for the meal from last week's shopping trip,)

Other lunches can be leftover taco soup since I make a lot (got a great deal on large cans of diced tomatoes for $1 each at DGM).  Also, I can make some basic macaroni salads with the pasta I have stocked up. Baked potatoes will be good ones for Christopher to take as well, since he can re heat them at work.

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