SO Sick of Fruit Flies!!

My house has recently been infested with fruit flies.  They drive me crazy.  I can get my kitchen spotless, but it's still got fruit flies lining the ceiling. I've tried covering the sink drains, emptying the trash every night, flying insect sprays, you name it.  Nothing was killing them.  Until today.

I used to order more bug spray, hoping they'd have something different.  Since Christopher works at the store, he can just bring home the order. That lets me get some groceries when they're on special there without leaving the house (and getting things on impulse).  Anyway, they had this one:

He brought home the order tonight, and I read the directions and only sprayed the trash can and surfaces where they land, trying to get as many of the flies as I could.  Now I am sitting here at my desk which has been swarming with them recently, and I only see one fruit fly buzzing around, and hopefully he'll die soon. I need to spray the can in my bathroom too just in case.

I have posted about hating fruit flies before and since I found something that finally works, I wanted to tell y'all about it.  I'm not getting paid to post this,  I just love this stuff!

Hope everyone in New England is doing OK!  Looks like we're going to get snow tonight down here.

Stay safe!!