Great news for Hubby!

My husband, Christopher, has a degree in English and has written a few articles for a magazine which is made for the players of the game he is obsessed with. It's been a few years since he's written anything and been paid for it however.

This past week, the main fan site of the game announced they were looking for an article writer for a weekly column. It would start out paying $10/week and if it became popular with readers, it would go up to $25 a week and be a permanent addition to the site as long as it remained popular at least.

Christopher really wanted to try for it, but was nervous and kept trying to come up with ideas. Finally, it started to slow and he wrote an article he wanted to submit.  That night, the site owner announced he'd received several submissions, but they were more on the technical side and most were all alike.  It wasn't what he was looking for. Christopher's article was not technical at all, it was more on the personal experience side of things. So, he sent it off. That was 3 days ago.

Last night, before he went to bed, Christopher checked his email.  He'd received a reply.  The guy liked it!  He said he wanted Christopher to write 4 articles and he'll post one a week for a month and see how the readers reacted to them. Hooray!

So, now he's writing again, and about the thing he loves (besides his family hah), and he's going to get paid for it! It's not a lot of money, but anything extra right now is good. I'm also excited he'll finally get his name out there amongst his peers. So happy for him!