Good new and bad news

Not quite breaking even, but at least there *IS* good news! 

The BAD news first. A few medical bills I knew needed to be paid and kept putting off have decided to rear their ugly heads, all at once from a collection agency.  But it's ok.  It's for my husband's cardiologist, and it needs to be paid. They called C at work, and he arranged to do $50 payments every 2 weeks out of his paychecks. He has made the same arrangement for 2 other creditors as well, so we're having $150 come of his paycheck every single time. That would not be an issue at all if we didn't have these damn cash advances. I swear to all that is holy, I wish these places never existed. I'm sure we'd have been able to manage in whatever emergency it was at the time without them... I hope at least.  The fees we've paid on these things... ugh I don't even want to consider totaling it all up.  I assure you though, they are why we're in the mess we're in now.  Of course I know *I* decided to do the cash advances after swearing we wouldn't BECAUSE *I* had spent all the wedding money.  I know I know.  I'm trying to forge ahead on the road to recovery.  seeing these things for the evil they really are is helping a lot though.

So, anyway, the GOOD!  Remember a while back Christopher was given the opportunity to write articles for a fan site for his beloved game and genre.  It was a trial thing and if the site owner liked what he had, then he'd get paid and the pay would increase.  Well, he's been told to send a Paypal invoice for $40 for his first 4 articles!  I know it's not a lot, but it sure is nice to get. It'll certainly help since we have that medical bill to pay now. Which I should have already paid.

Also, on Swagbucks, I have made $100 in gift cards already! Woohoo! Future months won't be quite so good since I did a lot of the stuff you can only do one time and they keep popping up in the offers, so I can't do them again. I wanted to use them to get Christmas gifts, but I've had to use the Amazon ones to get printer ink for the important work papers that need to be printed here (and school stuff). And the power supply cord on one of the old laptops the kids use died, so I had to replace it.  But at least all of that was covered by the gift cards!  I got the $35 in Kmart cards delivered too finally, and was going to use them to get the girls' gifts, but since we still have a few tight weeks ahead of us, I think I'll hold off and use them in case we need more staples, like milk, bread, pet food, toilet paper etc.

I'm really praying I get the bonus at work early enough to use for Christmas. I never had a doubt about it til a co worker said they might wait til January. I sure would love to see it added on to me paycheck this week!  Not holding my breath though.

I'm just about ready to get another $15 gift card from swagbucks, and it'll probably be an Amazon one since the 2 gifts I'm getting C are from Amazon, so I can just keep building up the gift card balance up til I have to order.

My oldest daughter, Corina, got a job at Walmart.  Not my favorite company, but I am thrilled she got work, and is enjoying it.  She's been so happy learning how to do everything they've taught her to do.  She works in the deli.

Well, I've got to get back to work. After work, I ah GOT to fold and hang laundry. I've let it pile up on the dryer, ugh.  Good night y'all!

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