The changing view from my backyard.

We moved here to this mobile home park in February 2009. One of the best things about it was that we have no neighbors behind us.  We're in the back corner lot and I love it. The view from the back porch and my kitchen window has changed quite a bit and pretty drastically this year.

This was the view from the back porch the first spring there. Flowering bushes and honeysuckles were wonderful, but I realized the view I *had* of the mountain was only to be seen during the winter.  The bushes and the trees way out in the field cut off the view when they were green. 

 We had our gazebo up the first year or two before the big snow took it out.  The tall bushes provided a wall that kind of made the backyard feel like it's own room.

This is a huge wild grape vine attached to the power lines (or phone lines or whatever) that run across the top of our house (I try not to think about it being up there and that we live in a metal box...) . It had also overtaken a huge evergreen tree that provided a lot of shade on that end of the house.

This was my poor neglected back yard Spring 2011. It needed mowing so badly, and the dogs had killed so much grass. On the right though, you can see how huge the wall of bushes had gotten.

Zoe hunting eggs Easter 2011.

Then in early 2012, I woke up one day... which led to a week of not getting any sleep...  to this view...

The city had finally decided that all the power lines in the whole town needed to be cleared of all obstruction and that included all my bushes, a huge road sized path in the field behind us and the entire top of the tree that used to provide shade at the end of the house.

Easter this year sure looked a lot different!

See?!  My poor tree! The ironic thing is, there was like one lonely branch left and it was hanging over the house causeing the gutters to clog.  I'd meant to have it taken care of, but never got around to it.  I asked the guys if they'd just cut it down too, and they said they weren't allowed to...  whatever.  So I had Rhiannon's boyfriend cut it down for me.  That's it tossed across the fence in the clearing.

Then as the year went along... things started to grow, as they always do...

The fence is now covered in morning glories!!  I LOVE them!

 As Fall arrives, it has changed even more...

Lots of folks don't like Goldenrod, calling it a weed and wanting to get rid of it asap.  While I know it is a ragweed family member, and it wreaks havoc with allergies, I still LOVE it. It's so pretty and the yellow is just the perfect shade.

My morning glories still bloom every morning. I am looking forward to the cooler days when the leaves start to change.  The little forest on the other side of the cleared "road" is home to all sorts of cats and racoons and possums, and hopefully lots of brightly colored trees.We've never been able to see down the field during the Fall, so maybe we'll get a nice show of colors out the window.

Hope y'all have a great week!