I think I can actually see the light!

Yes, there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

So, while I will have to put off paying November's house payment or getting the Explorer caught up to date like my husband had wanted, we will actually be able to cover the bills, get the dog out of quarantine, start paying back my sister in law, and still have money to give Rhiannon for her trip to the All East chorus concert she actually got into! She's supposed to get to use the money she's earned in her account at school from fund raisers for this trip.  Normally they save it for the big senior year trip to NCY, but she doesn't really want to go on that trip.  She's been to NYC twice, and feels going with the school would be too restrictive and boring. My kid's weird, but anyway, that money will really help since it's not like I really had planned on giving her $150.

We took Dixie over to Corina's house today.  She was nervous about the car ride and once we got there, she kept coming over to me and jumping up. I think she wanted me to take her home.  She's afraid of Corina's 4 cats. Corina was walking her and getting her used to the yard when I left. She called later tonight to tell me she's doing fine, but is still afraid of the cats.  One of the cats has decided he likes her though, so there's something.  Once Wiggles gets to go there with her, she'll be happier I'm sure.  The cats won't be!

It just really feels good to be able to look at the budget notebook and see that yes there is room to move some things around and not have stuff turned off or taken away, and still get things paid.  They may not be on time, but they get paid, and soon we'll be able to get stuff paid OFF and other stuff paid on time or early.  That will be an awesome feeling!

I did hear a rumor that we won't get out bonus at work til after Christmas. That would suck, but I know the kids will understand. We'll just do gifts later and still celebrate Christmas some other way. Maybe go to a late night church service.