Too much going on, here's highlights.

If I posted about all the crap going down in my life since Wednesday, I'd write a book. So here's just a few things.

There are in no real order.

1. Zoe has an ear infection.  It's oozing blood and gross stuff. My oldest, Corina, took her to the Dr Thursday when I had to take Rhi to her chorus screening out of town.

2. I woke up late that day and ended up getting the rental car late, and picking up Rhi late.

3. We got to the screening 30 minutes late, but she hadn't been called yet.  She did pass, thank goodness.

4. Her boyfriend had broken up with her the night before on Halloween while trick or treating with his little sister. She cried all night.  She didn't want to get out of bed Thursday.  They ended up back together before school was out.  He came with us to the screening. It was awkward.

5. When Corina dropped me off at the car rental place, she went back to our place to get Zoe to take her to the Dr.  While doing so, she let two of our dogs out, and didn't bother catching them and putting them back inside.

6. Just as I was driving away from the screening place with Rhi and her boyfriend, on our way to get her a bubble tea (she was buying), I got a call on my husband's cell phone that I had to borrow for the day (but Rhi had in her pocket and had taken it into the screening with her). Corina was frantic saying she and Faelyn had been trying to call.  Corina couldn't leave the Dr office because Zoe was finally in the exam room waiting to see the Dr, and Faelyn was the only one home to deal with the following drama...

Turns out that Wiggles, the latest addition to the household (the puppy we kept from Dixie's litter) was one of the ones that had gotten out and had bitten a boy down the street. They'd called the neighborhood cop who came up to the house and scared Faelyn.  He said Animal Control had been called, and we could not have more than 2 dogs in the city limits - I had no idea!  Christopher couldn't get anyone to come in and cover him and since a manager has to be at the store at all times, he couldn't leave to go home and handle it.  I was still 30 minutes away, driving home. Faelyn had to deal with Animal Control coming and getting Wiggles (who is a sweet spunky little dog and happens to be Faelyn's dog) and instead of giving her any sort of paperwork, they just told her a bunch of stuff, she later tried to write all down so she wouldn't forget it. She's just 14 and was in tears when we got home. Corina had come home and dropped off Zoe, but couldn't stay because her husband's birthday dinner was going on at her in-law's house.

Animal Control and I played voicemail tag Friday and I never did get to talk to anyone live.  They did say they had to keep Wiggles for 10 days in quarantine. There will be fees, and I don't even know about the dog number limit for sure. 

If we do have to go down to just 2 dogs, then two people at least will be heart broken.  I know one of the dogs needs to be Wiggles, but Faelyn won't even listen to reason, so I've not really brought it up yet. I know Sophie will be staying since we rescued her from a kill shelter and was our first dog.  We've had her about 8 years now.  Mickey is about 12-14 years old and we rescued him from some people who had lost their home and needed to find him a home.  I promised him a forever home, and I'm sticking to it if at all possible. I'm not terribly fond of him. He's a good dog, but he stinks. No amount of bathing or brushing his teeth helps.  His previous owners didn't even mention the fact til after we'd come to get him. It's hard to love a dog you can't even pick up and cuddle because he reeks. Christopher is really attached to him though.  We all call him "Dad's Dog".

But I love Dixie so much.  She's such a sweet dog and so smart. Every time I meant to get her fixed, she was in heat and I read that Vets won't operate if the dog is in heat.  And she was attacked by a male dog from down the street when she was on a lead in our backyard and I was in the kitchen.  By the time I got out there, it was too late, and apparently it took cause she had 3 puppies. Now, I want to get her fixed, but the funds just haven't been available.  I did see a traveling low cost spay/neuter van in town last month, but it was late and was closing by the time I saw it. I know, excuses, but really I do want to get her fixed and planned on keeping her forever.  Wiggles was going to be going with Faelyn when she moved out on her own.  She'd always said so, many times.

So, I'm dealing with trying to figure out how to deal with getting rid of two dogs, and not break my kids' hearts (or mine), but I don't have high hopes.  I'm hoping my oldest can take one or both of them.  She's the one who adopted Dixie in the first place and then asked us to take her when she couldn't train her. Now she's older, maybe she'll be ok with taking her back.  She does think Wiggles is a pretty dog, and the two of them keep each other company so that's good at least. I'd buy them a bag of food every week if she'll take them, so we still get to see them, and maybe Faelyn still get to take Wiggles when she's on her own someday.  Who knows.  All this stuff is running through my head.

In addition, I am worried to death about the other stuff... the Animal Control people, any fines I'll have to pay, will we be sued by the kid's family?  I've actually not heard anything personally from anyone about the bite. The cop never came back when adults were home all weekend. We've had no calls about it, no papers, nothing.  In fact, I don't even know who the kid was. I *REALLY* hope all that will blow over and we just have to deal with Wiggles being quarantined... but I am so nervous about how much the fines are going to be.  I'm sure we'll have to get all the dogs shots up to date (we just never did that when I was a kid, so I don't as an adult either.  Mom always said animals are hearty and don't need as much coddling and Doctoring as most folks give them,)  and probably have to fix Wiggles and Dixie, even if we don't get to keep them. And I wonder how much we'll have to pay for them housing Wiggles in quarantine for so long.

I have to turn in the rental car tomorrow, and I don't have a ride back home, so I'll have to hope the car rental people will have someone available to take me home.  They do that for free, but they have to have someone there to do it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some sleep early in the day at least.

I'm worried about Zoe's ear and her hearing.  She's had issues before, but never this bad. The pediatrician originally said her inner ear on the left was not formed properly so it would get fluid built up sometimes and cause her to not be able to hear well at all.  And then it can get infected, like it is now. She's 10, I don't want to do the tubes in the ears thing, but I want her to be able to hear.  I think her hearing has really had a lot to do with her schoolwork not being as good as I think it can be.

Well, I think I still wrote a book here. One good thing that did happen was since we had the rental car, we all took a drive to the bigger city an hour away on Saturday and we got Faelyn a new pair of glasses at Lenscrafter in the Mall. C's insurance covered this second pair and my FSA card covered the copay so I didn't have to pay anything.  Her first pair of glasses had a huge scratch on them and she had trouble seeing, so we finally got her a new pair, and she can keep the others as a backup. She was so happy.  I wish I could fix everything as easily as I did with her glasses.

It was nice to window shop at the mall and make mental wish lists of things we'd like.  With the way we've been cutting back, everyone had much smaller wishes as we walked around.  Like C loved the candles at bath and body works. Faelyn just wanted a pair of comfy boots, but felt the prices at payless were too high. Rhiannon was still ooing and aahing over all the clothes and jewelry and stuff though.  C even mentioned she's been especially selfish lately. Maybe it's the age.  Zoe just wanted a comfortable pair of headphones to listen to her DSi. As for me, I was just glad to be able to spend the day with my family and try to put the stress behind us. I wouldn't mind an old fashioned percolator coffee pot though. My fancy one I got from my SIL for Christmas one year is just such a hassle sometimes and the coffee doesn't even stay hot. I miss the old one Mom used to have.  The sound was so soothing and comforting.  I miss that. They're not cheap though. I'll look at thrift stores closer to Christmas when I get my bonus.

Hope y'all had a better Thursday than I did, as well as a Happy Halloween. I'm just looking forward for the whole year to be over to be honest.

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