New Account Bonus Code for Swagbucks!

Hi folks!  If you follow me on Facebook or have read my recent posts here, you know I've gone a little crazy over Swagbucks.  Well, let me tell you something awesome... I have been a member of Swagbucks just about a week, and I have already redeemed enough swagbucks that I have ordered three $5 Amazon gifts cards, a $15 Kmart gift card and two $10 Kmart gift cards!  That's $50 in gift cards to places I actually shop in less than a week!!

The best part is, it's actually fun stuff.  I LOVE when I win swagbucks from doing a regular web search.  Like the other day I was searching good places to eat seafood on the Georgia coast just dreaming about a getaway vacation (we can all dream) and I won 10 swagbucks just for that search.  Today my daughter won me 10 swagbucks for searching how to beat a boss on a video game! I installed the swagbucks tool bar on the family computer, so when they search for stuff I can get points and it worked!

Anyway, today I just learned there's a code for new members to start off with 100 swagbucks! Head to and use the code HOLIDAY100S when you sign up and you get an extra 70 swagbucks for a total of 100.  It takes 450 to get a $5 Amazon gift card since they're on sale right now. The $10 Kmart cards are 1000 swagbucks etc. There's fun surveys to fill out (I always loved surveys), or you can watch commercials or answer a poll question etc.  It's totally free to you, and like I said, it's fun.  Their Facebook page is fun too, lots of other people posting about their wins and making friends.

I do ask you to PLEASE use the link above there, since it is a referral link.  Yep, I'm shamelessly plugging my referral link. :)  When you get signed up, you can do the same thing!  The way referrals work is if they join up and become your referral, then any swagbucks they win from doing web searches, you get too! I don't have any of those yet.  No one who's joined from my links have won searches yet. Awww.  Hopefully soon!

Ok, enough infomercial stuff.  Y'all have a great weekend!!