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UPDATE! Unemployment - Budget - Finances - Jobs - Health Insurance - Food Stamps - Back Pain - Goodbye PorchCat

First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who was looking forward to the posts I was going to do on dealing with Unemployment and job hunting etc. I was way more optimistic when I wrote about doing that than I ended up being about the reality of it. The whole Unemployment benefits thing was done online, which was nice. I had to apply to at least 3 places each week and sign in and list them all along with phone numbers, contact info etc if known each Sunday. I got $240/week. We also filed for government assistance to get food stamps, and we got $240/month of those.  We only got that for one month however.  Because when I started getting Unemployment payments, we went over the threshhold. Apparently for a household of 3 people, you have to make less than (I think it was) $2098 a month total to get any assistance. I mean, I guess if we didn't have all this debt and people hounding us to make payments, we'd be able to *survive* on $2000 a month, but don't you think that&#

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