I've found the island of my dreams

No, not a tropical island - a kitchen island.

My hubby and I had to meet up during his lunch hour and go to the bank and run some errands. After I dropped him off, I had another bill to pay, then some free time. I stopped at Zaxby's and had a "zalad". While sitting there eating alone and reading tweets from Twitter, I decided I would go check out the Habitat for Humanity store on the other side of town. It's like Goodwill, but much farther for us to go very often.

On my way there, I passed an antique/thrift store I had completely forgotten about and promised myself I'd go back after my first destination. When I got to HfH, it was closed. Disappointed, but still eager to check out the other one, I headed back.

While I do love looking at these stores for all sorts of wonderful little things and dishes and stuff, I really wanted to find a good table to use as my island. I was drawn to this one.

I liked how it was already on casters, was the right color of wood, and even came with two leaves I could add to turn it into an extra dining table which would be great for Thanksgiving or to use it for serving etc. It was marked on sale for $85, and the lady running the place said the owner would probably take $75. I really didn't have that kind of money to throw around yet. I really need to wait til I get paid on Friday. To be honest, I shouldn't even be looking right now, because we HAVE to get a guy out to look at the heat pump so we can have AC in this 90 degree weather. Anyway, so I told the lady I would call my husband and discuss the money and look around. As I was waiting for him to answer his page at his store, I was wandering around... and walked right up to a gorgeous PERFECT kitchen island. It's white with a great slat shelf on the bottom, a couple of drawers, it's on nice casters, and the top is some kind of either stone or glass. I LOVE IT!! I have no idea why I didn't think to take a photo of it. I'm so upset too. I'd love to look at it again. It's actually a great deal at $129 for what it is, but again I shouldn't be spending it.

So why am I sitting here actually considering going back with $100 cash and seeing if they'll take it. Oh the thought of it being sold before I can get it is too awful to consider. I want to get it home and start using it and start my baking, and blog about my favorite recipes with photos to go along with them...

I'm really torn. Maybe they have layaway. Hmmmm. First thing's first, I have to call the HVAC people.

Oh please let it be something simple and cheap to fix. Amen.


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