Back to almost "normal" again.

We got the van back from the shop today. They were as glad to see it go as I was to get it back. Nothing has ever been cut and dry with that vehicle. They fixed the fuel pump and then they found out the spark wasn't strong enough to start it, so they have to take the engine apart and found someone had cut some wires and left them bare way down in there... had us all scratching our heads. So that took the money we were going to use to get the tires replaced (the steel is showing on both front ones) and get the brakes fixed and oil changed. So, I pray every time I get into the van that it gets me where I need to go. I think I'm gonna have to find the money for the tires tomorrow. The guys at the shop didn't even want me driving home on them. I'll get a couple of used ones - much cheaper than the ones the shop sells.

The kids are pretty much out of school now. I think a couple of them have the option of going back tomorrow to get their grade cards. So, this means for the next 2-3 months, I will not get any sleep. Maybe if I go to bed right after I get off work at 3:30am, I can get a few hours before they wake me up screaming and yelling and trying to kill each other around 11am.

I'm not kidding about trying to kill each other. I had to ground my 11 yr old and 12 yr old to their separate rooms today. One took the other one's chair when she got up, which led to a tickle fight which led to one getting peanut butter smeared on her face, then tattletelling,... then the one covered in peanut butter grabbed a butter knife and chased the other one down the hall. The bathroom door got slammed and broke the trim off the top... This is seriously day to day normal behavior for my house.

THANKFULLY, they have trips to spend time with family in west Tennessee and also Long Island NY this summer. It might be the only thing keeping me sane this summer.

Now my oldest is planning her wedding that she wants to have in Nov 2011 when she's 19. So far the plan is to have it on my family's farm and have the reception be a good old fashioned covered dish party with everyone's best home made meals with jugs of sweet tea and big tubs of beer on ice and loud music. My brother in a Freewill Baptist minister and she's going to ask him to perform the ceremony. It's not going to be as redneck as it sounds! But it will be fun and completely not uptight. If you knew Corina, you'd know how perfect that would be for her. Now, if only we could get her father out of his state of denial.

See y'all! I've got to go make meatloaf and mac&cheese for dinner and make sure my kids don't get any puncture wounds! Have a great day!