Decided on Kitchen Cabinets

My husband and I have been having a disagreement over how we should refinish our kitchen cabinets.
This how they look currently - we have since turned the table and pulled it away from the bar

He wanted to paint them dark to match the dark walnut and mahogany antique furniture we have acquired. I wanted to paint them white. I am much more into shabby chic, contemporary country and just plain romantic. White just seemed the best choice. Hubby knew he didn't have much of a chance to actually change my mind. I'd end up doing whatever I wanted anyway, but I did want his blessing. Then I saw a blog where the blogger (Jessica) talked about her kitchen. and then as I was about to write about that kitchen here, I found this blog! OMG they're perfect! I didn't want to step on their toes by putting pics of their kitchens on here. So please go look at their blogs to see the kitchens I love. The 2 pics below I found on Google search

I could do the beadboard around the front of the bar counter and then on the cabinet doors, paint them all white, and then paint the walls a rich color.

I'm torn between a parchment like goldish yellow and a creamy mocha like color. Something like you see them paint living rooms on HGTV staging shows. Actually Jessica's wall color in that first link is very much like what I want, but my hubby thinks it's too dark.

This photo I found online has the beadboard like I want but the wall color is more beige rather than the kind of the goldish yellow I was looking for. It's almost like a latte color. Which is actually another choice I guess.

I LOVE the fleur de lis knobs from the second link above. Our living room which is completely open to the kitchen has tons of fleur de lis in several wall hangings, sconces etc. They would really tie the rooms together nicely. I'm getting so excited!

Now I can't actually afford to do any renovating yet. But it's so good to have an idea of what I want. Now to decide on that color and start saving for a few sheets of beadboard paneling.


  1. Patty,
    Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you found some inspiraiton! Come back and visit me again.


  2. My dear sweet mother did this in our old house. My understanding is that you have to be pretty quick about doing it all in a relatively short period of time, lest the weather change so dramatically that things expand and the hardware not fit in the old holes.


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