I Found My Mother's Day Present

Today I had to pick up Rhiannon after school to take her to her bank to get money out for her trip with the Gifted Program to Gatlinburg tomorrow. She has a Dr appt at 4pm, so to kill time, she asked if we could go browse the antique mall for a while. She is a child after my own heart!

While we were looking through the first few booths, she kept ooohing and aaahing over almost everything. She truly appreciates cute and adorable. In fact "adorable" is her favorite word these days. I told her for Mother's Day, I would love something from the store, like maybe milkglass, or jadeite, a teapot, cup and saucer, etc.
While she was freaking out over a porcelain kitty cat, I noticed a lovely set of china in a glass front cabinet. It has a beautiful floral center with an old fashioned rose and other flowers, and the edge is scalloped with what I remember as lace or a floral edging and gold trim. I thought it would be beautiful for a table scape. I hoped maybe I could afford to get the platter or maybe a set of the salad plates. I've gotten to where I'm just window shopping anymore. We've been hit with some pretty hefty medical bills recently, plus other things getting a little behind, and I've got to pinch pennies. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the sticker on the platter had one price for the whole set. A setting for 6 with only one missing bowl, a chipped cup, plus a vegetable bowl and a platter -30 pieces total according to the sticker - all for $32!! And THEN I saw the 50% off sign for the whole booth! So that makes it $16 for the whole set of gorgeous china. OMG!
I knew I just did not have the money to spare, even if it was only $16. I had to give my last cash to Rhiannon for her trip to Gatlinburg since she apparently had withdrawn all of her money from the bank and didn't remember doing it. Thankfully I had some cash to give her, but it took the last of what I had. Rhiannon wanted to use the money to get me the china for Mother's Day, but I told her no, she needed that for the trip. If I am meant to have it, then it will still be there when the direct deposit goes through on Saturday.
Oh I do wish I could post the photos we took of the set, but I'd forgotten my camera and only had my phone. It happens to be out of minutes too, so I can't even send them to my email address. I *really* wish unexpected stuff would stop happening and I CAN NOT wait til school is over and there are no more fees for this or that! Seriously, I didn't think having 4 kids in school would be a big deal. I mean when I went to school, we had ONE field trip at the end of school, to like the zoo or a theater or something. I have actually lost count at the number of trips the kids have taken and several of them have the kids out til 11pm! And OMG Having 3 kids in chorus in 3 different schools was a horrible horrible idea! But I digress.. this post was not supposed to be about the ridiculousness of grade schools today - I will have to post about that separately - and the fact that Corina's senior pictures and graduation supplies for next year may force us to take a second mortgage. YIKES!

What was I talking about? Oh yeah the china! These are some pics I found online that are very much like them, but not exactly. The ones I want are even prettier.

I am truly hoping I get to unwrap a big box of gorgeous china on Sunday morning! I will keep you updated!