A Month of Musicals - Corina

As I stated in my last blog, three of my four girls are in chorus (they get it from their Dad). As many of you may know, the end of the school year means LOTS of performances. We just dealt with concert after concert for my oldest's chorus. Corina is a Junior at Greeneville High School which has one of the best and highest rated choral depts in the region AND the State!

They got Superiors at J.B. Lyle which is the Regional Festival. All seven of the school's choirs got to go to State. In ten years, the judges at State, the judges have never given Superior Pluses, ever. This year however, they gave out eight due to the excellent quality of the choirs now. Some of the 8 were given to a school from Nashville, some to a school from Memphis, and FOUR SUPERIOR PLUSES went to GREENEVILLE HIGHSCHOOL!!! WOOHOO!!! Out of over 100 choirs! I am so proud of them.

For their end of the year performance, they decided to do selections from Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber in addition to their Festival songs. Here are some photos of Corina in the Women's Concert Choir as well as the whole choir together for Masquerade and Think of Me. They even had a Meg, Phantom and Christine. Oh they had an excellent Raul too, but I didn't get one of him.

I LOVE Phantom of the Opera, so I was so excited that they did these. The school does not have a drama dept. It's all about singing and the band. Click on any of these photos to see a larger image.



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