A Month of Musicals - Faelyn

This is the third and final post about my girls all being in the chorus this year. Well, my youngest, Zoe isn't. She's in first grade. They didn't really put on a production with the first graders this year. Faelyn is a 5th grader however, and that's the oldest set of kids in her elementary school. She's been looking forward to being a 5th grader for years! The 5th grade is the only year that has an actual chorus, and she's been doing performances with them all year, including caroling downtown at Christmas time. Rhiannon had done that too when she was in 5th.

This year for the year-end performance, the chorus and music teacher decided to do something different and the whole community has been thrilled with it. The little kids are already picking the roles they want to be. It has a lot of parts for people who speak and sing. It's Snow White - Old West Style!

Faelyn is the blonde - kind of in the middle with her hair in a ponytail and a purple bandanna. She had wanted to be Snow White, of course, but she's very soft spoken and kind of shy. She also knows she inherited my singing voice... poor thing. She will not go into chorus in the middle school.

Instead of the Seven Dwarfs, this play had Seven Dwarf Brothers... Hank, Jake, Chuck, Slim, Steve (I think), and Shorty. Shorty was very tall and always stayed on his knees to look as short as his brothers. The kid who played Shorty was very good.

And they had horses!

Joe Prince was the richest guy in the town and was made a Marshall. I wish I had gotten a good picture of Show White. I was taking videos of some of the songs, and I videoed almost everything she was in. She was really cute!! The Evil Queen was known as Queenie and she ran the local saloon. She was hilarious! I wouldn't be surprised if the girl playing her goes on to Broadway. She stole the show. I did get a shot of her dragging Snow White into the cabin after poisoning her with the apple.

But of course, Marshall Prince rode to the rescue and gave Snow White a kiss which broke the spell. Queenie said she was sorry and said she would stop being evil. Then Snow White and Marshall Prince got married and everyone came out to celebrate.

These last pics are of the whole 4th and 5th grade. Some kids were woodland creatures that scurried over the dwarfs as they were sleeping one night. Some of the other kids were narrators. One of them is the daughter of a women Christopher and I worked with for years at Kmart. The girls could be like a clone of this woman! I have never seen a daughter more identical to her mother. She was the main narrator and even played the Justice of the Peace.

On our way home that evening (I took the night off work to go to it), Zoe asks everyone what she thinks she'd like to be in the play. Some of us guessed Snow White, but nope, not Zoe. She wants to be Shorty! Did I mention she's the comedian in the family? She'd make an excellent Shorty. He got all the laughs.

Faelyn's chorus has one more performance (they specialize in a medley of patriotic songs hehe) - at Dollywood! Yay! Well, I'm not going, and it's going to cost me 40 bucks! PLUS money for dinner and spending money. Sigh. But these are memories I hope she'll have for a lifetime.

I'm really kind of glad Summer is almost here. My kids being in school is really expensive! haha. I wonder how long it will be before I am counting the days til they go back!