A Month of Musicals - Rhiannon

Three of our four girls are in chorus. This will be the last year this is the case however. Faelyn and Rhiannon have already both decided they don't want the hassle again next year. Faelyn will be going into 6th grade which means her first year at the middle school, and it will be Rhiannon's last year there, in 8th grade. Maybe they don't want to be in the chorus together. Anyway, since they are all in chorus, it meant LOTS of performances. In fact, they're still not done. Faelyn has one more big one at Dollywood. I'm not tagging along though. I'm not the "room mother" type. (Funny too, cause I always wanted to be - just ended up being an antisocial hermit really.)

So, here are some pictures from Rhiannon's chorus concert. I just have a point and shoot 8mp camera, so I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of some of them. Also, I didn't get to go to the concert, so Christopher took these. You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Rhiannon's Chorus

Rhiannon is the one whose face can't be seen of course. Brown hair pulled back.

This one at least has her face. They were about to head off stage.

The guys from Show Choir doing Grease.

The girls in Show Choir also did numbers from Grease. Rhiannon wasn't in Show Choir, it's usually 8th graders.

I will have pages for each Faelyn and Corina as well. But for now it is way past my bedtime, and Christopher and I have a big day tomorrow. He goes to see his cardiologist. Let's hope it's a great visit!