My Saturday with My Girls and a Bit of Nostalgia

Hello again to anyone who might be reading my blog! Thank you for the comments I've gotten so far. I always get excited when I get an email telling me there's a comment. So, thank you again!

This weekend, my husband had to work 13 hours each day, so it was just me and my 4 girls. My oldest is usually with her fiancee and his family, but they decided to do their own family things which meant I got her to hang with us for the day! Yay!
We had a few things we *had* to do and then some things we wanted to do. It mostly involved shopping. I wanted to save money for my kitchen island, but it was more important to me to spend some quality time with my girls. I wanted it to be something memorable, even if it was just a day out window shopping.

Our first stop was to be paying a bill. Then we were off to my hometown of Rogersville, Tennessee to take my second oldest, Rhiannon to spend the weekend with her grandfather. He needed some help around the house since he hurt his back. He was just plain lonely too. His wife, my mother in law, is in Florida staying with her elderly parents while they both recuperate from surgeries. However, when we got to Rogersville, we all agreed we were hungry. I wanted to have lunch with all four of them before dropping off Rhiannon, so I pulled into the Burger Bar.

The Burger Bar is the oldest diner in Rogersville, which happens to be the second oldest town in Tennessee. (Jonesborough is the oldest by the way.) I wish I'd thought to take pics of the menus with the history on them. There had been two Burger Bars when I was growing up. One right in the middle of town, and one out in a strip mall on the east side of town. I had worked in the one downtown for one day when I was 16. I HATED it. They didn't train me to do anything, just assumed because of my mother that I would know it all. Wrong. My Mom was the biscuits and gravy cook at the one in East Town. After retiring, she hated being so bored and went back there to work as a waitress... for fun!

Faelyn will kill me for posting this one

There is now only one Burger Bar and it's in a new larger location. I wanted to show my love of my hometown and the great bit of nostalgia the Burger Bar can bring not just to the people who grew up here, but for anyone. It's been decorated with vintage bikes, photographs, and items from the 50s. 45s hang from the ceiling. The best part of the Burger Bar has always been the bar. The new location kept that charming element and it makes the place look like it's really been that way since the 50s. There truly are a number of great locally owned establishments in Rogersville. If anyone reading this happens to be in the Northeast Tennessee area, I recommend taking the time to check it out.

Faelyn is a huge fan of cheeseburgers

So, back to my kids and me eating at the Burger Bar. We got burgers of course! It occurred to me while we were sitting there waiting on our burgers that I had not brought my kids to Burger Bar much at all. The old location simply did not have much room, and certainly not room for 5 or 6 people. This new one had at least two 6-seat tables. So, since I had not exposed them to the burgers growing up, they were not anticipating the amazingness they were about to taste.

Zoe was actually the first one done. I do believe she liked it.

The burgers come with chili. More than likely it's some canned stuff anyone could buy, but it makes the burgers just perfect. It also makes them fall apart if you're not quick to gobble it down.

This is Rhiannon. She decided she did not want chili all over her, so went for the fork approach.

Corina was also a big fan. She kept stealing my fries too.

Even better than the food was the fun we had spending time together and talking. After feeling completely stuffed, we left and dropped Rhiannon off at Grandpa's house, then the other three girls and I headed for Kingsport. I took them down the back way into town by the river. I remember I always loved going that way when I was a kid. Forgot to get pics again. Really not used to taking pictures everywhere, but I do wish I had. At least I took my camera. It's a start.

We went to the mall first. Ended up getting Faelyn the next book in the Pendragon series that she loves. Anything to encourage reading. I got Corina a new DS game for her DSi she got for her birthday. Then the girls saw Tilt. It's the arcade that was there when their dad and I would go to the mall together and play Gauntlet and spend $10 in quarters. I really cannot believe the same arcade is still there. It's pretty cool really. Of course Gauntlet is long gone (sad but true), BUT they have that dance game, and skeeball! I love skeeball.

Zoe and Corina. The novice setting is a bit boring, I must admit.

Faelyn and Corina. Faelyn was already hungry again too. Amazing.

This one really got to me. I used to be Queen of Skeeball, but this time I played I scored the lowest I ever have... and see her victory pose? Corina had just scored a 100! Creep.

Later on, we went to Michaels and got Corina stuff for her face mask for her chorus performance of Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera. Then it was next door to Target where they have a Starbucks! Isn't that like the best of everything? Starbucks and Target. Awesome. After wandering around looking at all the cool stuff I wanted, I got the infamous "Target Birds". Oh please, I had to. I also got a venti Chai latte. Mmmmmmmm And Zoe just had to play on the giant red balls outside.

We finished up the day by driving the scenic interstate over to Johnson City where I had about 15 minutes to browse Pier One before we had to leave to get Christopher from work. Their Easter stuff was on 75%off Clearance and though they didn't have much left, I did get two more "Bunnies on a Stick" and a ceramic chocolate bunny. If I ever win the lottery, I swear my first stop is Pier One.

Overall, it was a very long day, but I loved every moment of it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead as well! Thanks for dropping by!


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