Our Sunday Drive - Laurel Run

I was looking through the pictures I got off my camera and realized I hadn't posted about the day we spent driving around a couple Sundays back. All six of us plus Corina's "fiancee" (they're only 16 and 17 for goodness sakes!) TJ piled in the van and drove to Rogersville, which is my hometown. It's also where my In Laws live, and Corina and TJ had agreed to spend the day doing yard work for them for some spending money (most likely for more minutes on their phones so they can continue to text each other 24/7 sheesh) Anyway! We dropped the two of them off, and the hubby and I took our other three girls on a Sunday Drive.

When I was growing up, my folks would take me on a Sunday Drive almost every weekend. It was something I really looked forward to, especially when I was younger. In my folks' photo album there are tons of pictures of roads taken from the front seat. I'm sure it was to get the fall foliage or something like that, but I just see tons of pics of roads. Dad never did like to stop and get out much LOL

In fact, even though Laurel Run is not very far from the town I grew up in, I'd never been there, at least as far as I could remember. Nothing about it seemed familiar. Christopher had been there and wanted to take the girls, so we did!

It was nice to let the kids get out and burn off some energy in the playground.

Chris and I wandered over and looked at the river. Good to see it flowing like this again. The drought was so horrible the last couple years.

We had fun on the playground equipment too!

And in case you're wondering, yes I do get in some pictures too. Pioneer Woman's photo blog had a lovely remark about how our kids will look back on pictures and wonder why there were no photos of them with their Mom, or any of Mom at all! So, I've been handing the camera to Christopher more than I would have liked, but I'm getting more used to it.

The kids wanted to go on the walking trail...


Well, I wasn't nearly as daunted by the bear sign as I was the trail!

The kids took off up the hill, as if it wasn't actually almost STRAIGHT UP! Jeez! And then after we yelled at them to come back before they had to haul us away on stretchers.. they passed me up going back down again.

Ahhh safe at the bottom. Oh we are so out of shape! It's on my to do list.. really!

We looked around a bit more then headed back to the van.

Before heading home, we went to see if Greenland park was still around. I remember going there when I was a kid. It was a lake with sandy beaches and a concession stand that sold amazing pizza and had a jukebox that blared music out onto the beach. The summer I went, Freeze Frame was the song I remember the most. Ahhh nostalgia. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pics of the broken down old gate basically telling to people to go away... the park is no more. I guess people still fish and camp there, but what I remember is nothing but memories now.

One thing that was still around was the Dairy Cup, a little diner/ice cream place in Mt Carmel, Tennessee. I remember going there with my parents. I still remember that we all 3 got banana splits, and they couldn't eat theirs, so I ate all of mine and the rest of theirs... isn't that sad? haha I was a growing child! I needed the calories. Really. Wish I had that excuse now!

Since I am still not quite used to blogging, I didn't get pics of the Dairy Cup either, but we did stop and get ice cream. They had hot fudge cakes buy one get one free! Oh my!

Then we stopped by the Ebbing and Flowing Springs which I have been told is one of only two like it in the world - the other is in France! And I was *going* to take a picture of it (it's just water over the road really..) but the road was a little one lane thing and I had people behind me and 2 cards headed at me. Oh well.

Then we collected the teenagers and headed home. It was a fun day out, and I hope one that creates memories my girls will have forever as well.