Outdoor Wednesday -The View Out My Window

This is my first time participating in Outdoor Wednesday which is hosted by the wonderful Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. So bear with me and forgive the less than perfect photos in my blog today. Many of today's photos were taken earlier in the Spring, but I wanted to share what a joy it is to look out the window at my desk.

We moved into this new home in February, and the first time I saw the master bedroom, I knew I'd put my desk right in front of the window looking onto our small backyard. What I didn't realize then was how much I would enjoy sitting here and watching the birds on the bird feeder that hangs just outside my window. Forgive the blurriness of some of the photos; I had to take these through my window and zoom in on them as well.

This chickadee was one of first visitors.

The pair of cardinals have assumed "ownership" of the bird feeder and tend to chase others away. Here's Mr. Cardinal.

And Mrs. Cardinal

I had to look this fellow up. He's a Common Redpoll. I'd never seen one before.

We've had several birds go after the seed that falls to the ground as well.

Bluejays are so colorful and pretty.

I love listening to the doves. We have a pair of these that come and visit us.

A Baltimore Oriole

Some days I hardly see any birds around, and I know the reason for that is usually not hard to find...

Pepper had given up on being sneaky about it I guess.

The other two are just too lazy to actually be a threat.

KC is usually more interested in chasing moths, but she does like to watch the birds. Maybe she thinks they're giant moths.

Our big fat cat "PorchCat" will get close enough to make them skittish, and I think he is devising a way to catch them on that feeder way off the ground. Then he falls asleep.

I hope you've enjoyed my Outdoor Wednesday attempt. I know the other ladies are showing off such gorgeous flowers and gardens today, but I don't have any. I've got a few container things, and we have some wildflowers. I'll try to do a post about them next week. Do please stop by A Southern Daydreamer and check out all the other wonderful sites participating in this fun day. Have a wonderful Wednesday!