An Interloper.

Tonight while I was working, I took a break to go to the kitchen to get a snack. On my way, I passed the back door which has like a cottage door, so good size window. I actually did a double take. I am used to seeing stray cats out there, since I leave food out for a little cream colored tabby I'm trying to tame. He's only slightly feral and so adorable. But this time, I saw a big brownish gray fluffy tail. When I looked twice, I noticed the cute cream tabby staring curiously and rather annoyed at... a RACCOON! I've had dozens of possums visit my various homes in my life, but never a raccoon. And he was a BIG one!

He seemed to be looking right at me, but seemed more interested in the cat food.

I think he's the cause of the big commotion the other night when a cat sounded like it was in a nasty fight with something other than a cat, and when my rat terrier went investigating, she went into the hedge, growled, yelped, whined, but stood her ground. I think she finally chased it away. But he came back. I wonder how much damage he's going to end up doing. I've got to make sure not to leave any garbage bags outside that aren't secured in the can. I know they have a bad rep, but he sure is cute! And he didn't seem to bother that tabby at all.

Who knows what will show up next!