Outdoor Wednesday -Heavenly Scents

Oh how I wish you could smell my backyard!
(Remember you can click any pic to make them larger)

Pardon the weird focus on these close up shots. I'm still trying to figure out how to use my camera. Badly, too.

This is a "weed" growing in the fence hedge right behind my house. We have a very narrow backyard, so the hedge is quite close to the house. It's full of this flowering bush that smells amazing and...

Honeysuckle! TONS of it! Oh how this smell brings back childhood memories. There was nothing better than taking a drive in the mountains or the backroads with the windows down and smelling the honeysuckle on the breeze.

And now I have it just outside my backdoor.

They are so sweet!

These are some shots of the views from my back porch.

In the foreground here, badly out of focus is my herb container. It's been moved off the deck rail after the kids came running through and almost knocked it off. It's on the floor of the deck over in my reading corner along with a chair and table and a pot of marigolds and some tomato plants. I'm afraid I don't have a pic of that. I redid it after taking these photos and now it's too dark to take a picture and have it turn out ok. It can be annoying getting off work at 0'dark thirty!

I did get this pic though! I've not seen any baby doves, but this pair of Mourning Doves comes around every day. I hear them each night and morning as well. I think they are so precious.

This week, we've been watching the cardinal babies coming to the feeder (notice how she doesn't have any markings or colors on her head yet) and even watching Mr Cardinal feeding the babies while sitting on a branch. The babies are almost as big as he is now! I keep meaning to get a birdbath out there for them and put up more feeders.

It's on my list of wants that keeps getting pushed aside by the HUGE list of MUST PAY NOW stuff. Ah well. Someday. I'm just enjoying our first summer in our new home and discovering the wonderful things about it... like the scent of honeysuckle whenever I want it. What a great stress reliever that is.

Head on over to A Southern Daydreamer today and check out all the other Outdoor Wednesday participants. I'm sure theirs are much more colorful than mine! Someday! I'll have color too! Mmmmm hydrangeas! It's on my list!


  1. I can just smell the honeysuckle! So pretty. And those doves... awwwww. And is there any prettier bird than a redbird? I think not.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I love the doves and your honeysuckle is to die for!!! I wish I could smell it too and dab a little behind my ear;)!!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!!

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Patty! Oh I wish I could smell your back yard! It looks like it does smell heavenly!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  4. Hi Patty, all your pictures are just delightful. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  5. I can almost smell the honeysuckle. Your photos are lovely and that view is to die for. Have a great day.

  6. I find the smell of honeysuckle completely intoxicating and it always reminds me of my best friend playing outside in the hot summers... thanks for the nice photos and the memories.

  7. Your picture are lovely!I love huneysuckle


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