Tablescape Thursday - A Breakfast Tea Tray

I did not have much of a chance to do a tablescape with any of my nice china this week. I did put together a quick simple breakfast tray. Actually it took a lot of trial and error to get it to where I liked it OK.

Forgive the grainy photos. These were taken on my night off work around 2am.

The tablecloth is a vintage one I got on ebay. It's about the size of a cardtable which I guess is typical for these pretty floral tablecloths. So I turned it diagonal on my table.

This one is just a simple setting for tea and a light breakfast. I have an assortment of teabags on the tray. I used to be a chai only drinker, but I'm trying more herbal tea blends lately. Better for my nerves I'm sure. My mom used to get herbal teas when I was little. She always got a box of Chamomile for me. I wonder if there was some ulterior motive? lol

The blue rimmed plate is one I got recently at the Habitat for Humanity store. The pink one is a Fiesta Ware dish I got years ago at an antique store. The cup is about the only thing I have left from that set of dishes I had years ago. I think it might be a Corning set of stoneware. I was in a pansy phase and everything had to be pansies haha. Of course with 4 kids, and using them everyday, eventually they were all broken or lost or something. I have 4 cups left, and this is the only one with no chips! The clear cutglass stemware is one of my Wexfords. I started collecting it when my Mom say that I had a few pieces I think Chris' grandmother gave me and said I should collect something and this was an inexpensive and pretty thing to start with. My Mom was something else. She sure loved to collect things, but they were always beautiful and well cared for. It never looked like clutter. That's a gene I wish I'd inherited!

The teapot is from Pier One and is actually the beginning of my teapot collection. I have always loved teapots. I never really wanted to start collecting them before, because my old house was just too small. I knew someday I would have a home where I would have a china cabinet and tons of shelves for lots of teapots and dishes.... well, I'm still working on those shelves, but the collection has begun! It was marked a ridiculously low price of $10, but I didn't have the spare cash the day I first saw it. When I went back, it was on sale for $8!! I was so excited. I just love the colors and shape. The sugar bowl is from a set I have the creamer also. I got them in one of those big sets you get at Christmas with cocoa and mugs, etc. This one had 2 cups and the creamer and sugarbowl all in this same pattern. The cups have both been broken, sadly, but I use the creamer and sugarbowl on a daily basis and so far so good!
The juicer I got on a trip to England a few years ago. I knew how expensive they were in antique stores, so when I saw one in a gift shop there very inexpensive, I snatched it up. I love how it and the cut glass plate beneath it catch the light and add a little sparkle. I wish I had a juice decanter. I've seen a few at antique stores, but I don't want them that bad. I'm hoping Goodwill or HfH will come through for me soon. The green juice glass which I thought went so nicely with the tablecloth is one of a set my husband's grandmother gave me. I'd love to actually use them more often, but my kids don't have a great track record with fragile items...
Of course I had to put Claude and Mona, the Target Birds on the table. (I got the names from what my MIL used to call her neighbors - it wasn't their names, but it sure fit them perfectly).

I wish I could have everyone over for tea. I'd scrounge enough teacups and chairs for all! Thanks for coming by! Make sure you head over to Between Naps on the Porch and say hi to Susan and follow the links to other wonderful tablescapes today. That's where I'm headed!