We may be finding some peace soon.

Ok, first of all, that menu I posted last time was apparently just me being in a fantasy world. Been WAY too busy to make that happen. Resorted to sloppy joes one night.

This household has kind of been in a state of turmoil since we moved in. The two non-master bedrooms are very unequal. One is MUCH larger than the other, and before I really thought it out, I gave the larger room to the older girls. I figured they deserved it being the older girls etc. Well, that was dumb. They don't actually own anything. The older girls are 17 and (almost) 13. They each have a big plastic tub full of stuff then their dresser and closet for clothes. They each have a twin bed in there (not bunks) and still have room for the dresser, a computer desk and chair and a loveseat and coffee table. But the only *things* in there are like a couple of cell phones, dirty clothes on the floor and dishes piled around their computer even though they know they're not allowed to eat or drink in their room.

On the other hand... the 6 yr old and 11 yr old are in the tiny room where they have to have bunk beds to both sleep in there. They have a dresser, toy cubby, bookshelf, stacked crates of toys, a smaller set of plastic drawers for art supplies, a hamper and a computer desk & chair, plus a guinea pig cage. Not to mention all the toys in the floor like the doll stuff, crib, high chair, walker, etc. And of course toys are never put away when they should be, so the floor is always a mess and toys can often get broken because they get stepped on. The 11 yr old, Faelyn is meticulous about keeping her things. She has art supply sets still in the box as well as magnetix and other things all still in their boxes, tons of jewelry boxes, bins for keepsakes and mementos and just stuff. But all of her stuff has to be kept up out of Zoe's reach and that of Zoe's friends. The room is just simply a disaster area, while the big room is often draped in dirty laundry cause they're lazy - it's basically empty.

SO! Tonight, the near-13 year old Rhiannon was once again sleeping on the loveseat in her room instead of on her bed. This annoys me to no end too. So, I told her she had to move to her bed or I'd give it to one of her sister's and move her to their room. And she said fine. So, tomorrow Rhiannon moves out of the big room with her own bed and tons of room, to the smaller room where she will share a bunkbed with Zoe. Zoe will move to the top bunk which she will likely not be happy about, but she's not got much choice really. Then we'll move Faelyn to the big room to share with Corina who's never ever home except late morning and after 11pm at night since she is ALWAYS at her fiancee's house. She does work cleaning houses too, so there's that. Now when school starts back, she'll find all that freedom slip away. But even so, I think Faelyn and Corina are a good match for room mates. Both are rather quiet and read a lot and don't bother other people.

Then there's Rhiannon and Zoe. Both of them are obstinate and headstrong and loud. So... we'll see what happens. I'm praying this all works out for the best.