The bookshelf has been moved!

I actually did this after work, very early this morning (well, the morning of Monday they 27th - my days and nights all blend together).

I was actually able to take off just the breakable stuff and slide the shelf by shuffling it back and forth til I got it to the other side of the TV. After Pledging the shelves, it looked so nice uncluttered that I didn't want to make it all messy with stuff. I decided to put my husband's dragons collection on some of the shelve as well as a few other pieces that are sentimental or decorative. The photo is of his grandparents who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They are truly our inspiration. It felt right to showcase their photo.

I decided to leave stuff off the top of it too. It looks much better in my opinion. I like the minimalist approach I took (considering in the past every horizontal space would have had something on it!) It's probably still cluttered to some people, but I like it. I really love how the cherry wood looks beside the bronze-ish curtains and the orange chair.

I can't wait til we can paint those walls! We've picked out the color already! It's called Wheatgrass by Valspar. (It's kind of like the yellowish pillow on the couch in the first photo.) It's a pretty goldish beige, very warm. Then it has a darker shade called Aged Amber which we are going to paint the kitchen cabinets. The trim and moulding will all be white. We're considering painting the vaulted ceiling the wheatgrass as well, and put up a more substantial crown moulding in white to separate wall from ceiling line. My 11 year old hates the idea, but I think it will look very classy and sophisticated... something you don't often get in a mobile home hah. I'm going for that HGTV look ;) Oh, and I want a light colored granite for the counter tops in the kitchen. We'll be adding another set of lower and upper cabinets along an empty wall, and will put the granite on there for sure. I'm hoping we can replace the existing counter at the same time. (This is all kind of dream decorating planning for now, as we can't afford new countertops haha)

Here is the empty wall where the shelf had been.

I had planned on getting the china cabinet emptied today and have Hubby help me move it. However, the trip to my hometown lasted longer than expected, and then I was feeling too yucky to do much of anything. I'm hoping I feel up to it after work tonight to at least get it emptied. I can probably move it myself, it's got to be lighter than the shelf full of books. I just get nervous because of the glass doors and how old it is. We'll see. I can't wait to open up my back door/kitchen window area again though. It's going to allow so much more light into the kitchen. And the items I keep in the cabinet behind the glass will then be able to be seen from the dining table and the kitchen instead of having to go practically to the laundry room.