Doing some rearranging.

I had an idea to switch out the bookshelf in one of the girls' rooms with the one in our bedroom. The girls' shelf was really too big for the space and they didn't even use all the shelves on it. However, the one in our room was not big enough for all my hubby's stuff. (Well if our whole bedroom was lined in floor to ceiling shelves I think it still wouldn't be enough!)

I also switched out the ugly gray tattered swivel chair from the living room that the kids were always fighting over, for the orange wingback chair in hubby's corner that wasn't even seen since it was covered in a blanket anyway.
I forgot to take a "before pic" of hubby's corner, but it was BAD. He hadn't used it since his laptop died. The chair was covered in the blanket, a laundry basket full of clothes no one wears anymore but I haven't taken to Goodwill, and the winter comforters for 3 beds. Boxes of stuff we haven't unpacked surrounded it (still awaiting more bookshelves my FIL has promised us), as well as a TV table loaded with stuff. It's shameful that I ever allowed that corner to get that bad. It just became the catch all corner for the the house really.

Now the corner is MUCH better. The existing shelf on the other side of the chair is still an unorganized mess, and we still have boxes of STUFF everywhere, but there's a path to his chair. The new shelf is nice and organized and most of his most-used game pieces from the role playing games we play with friends are all sorted and in easy reach. He still has tons of game books and collectibles like his gaming magazines and miniatures and stuff still in boxes.

I'm really hoping my FIL will get the next big bookshelf cleared off this week and we can go pick it up soon. Not sure which wall it will go on yet, but it will be in the bedroom and hold probably all the remaining books, magazines, minis, and also my stuff like knickknacks, collectibles, some office supplies, as well as our growing collection of mysteries and sci fi books. He reads sci fi and I read mysteries. We have books in almost every room of the house actually. The hallway between the girls' rooms has a huge bookshelf with the kids' books as well as some Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov books.

This is the orange chair in the living room now. The center of the pic is really the empty wall space. This will be my before pic. I am moving this...

onto that wall.

Where the bookshelf is now, is basically technically the "dining room" part of the whole open concept room, and I really want my antique kitchen cabinet in that spot. I think the bookshelf will look better in the living room as kind of a focal point other than the MONSTER black TV.

So, anyway, Hubby will be home any minute now and I get to see his reaction. I can't wait! (I just wish I'd had time to clear the bed off from all the stuff that had been in the chair first LOL). Oh well.


  1. I love to move things around and rearrange. Sometimes you just have to step back and take a good long look at what you already own and it's amazing how it can fulfill a function in another room much better. Have fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. Looking great my friend...I have only one book shevles...its so great some times to just redo things make you feel so much better...May you have a great week my friend....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


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