Don't feel like much of anything today.

I think it might be hormones. In fact I'm almost positive it's hormones. So, on the bright side, I could be having a much much worse day.

I stayed in bed til 3pm when I normally get up no later than 1 (I work nights, so chill :P ) When I woke up, my 7 yr old (I can't believe she's 7 when did that happen?!?!) had friends over and it was raining cats and dogs outside. Thankfully my 11 yr old was making sure everyone stayed quiet and behaved.

I haven't even made my bed today *gasp*. I totally blew off looking at my routine. I only did laundry because Hubby mentioned he was wearing his last pair of clean underwear and socks to work today. SIGH.

On top of it all, tonight at work is going to be hellatious. Can't get into a lot of details, but new game rules are going into effect and it's always possible half of them won't work right. So, we'll see what happens.

Oh, and get this. I was not in the mood to cook dinner but I did bake brownies because I NEEDED THE CHOCOLATE! Yeah it's hormones.

I might post some survey meme thing later. Or not. Depends on the chocolate fix.


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