My Morning Routine

Like a lot of people whose blogs I've been reading lately, I have a Home Management Binder, or Control Journal, or whatever you want to call it. I need a much larger binder, cause it doesn't really hold everything without looking quite overloaded.

The very first section in the binder are my routines. They are separated by times of day onto separate pages and in list style, then put into plastic sleeves. I keep a pencil pouch in front to hold things like my dry erase marker. I use the marker to check off each thing on my routine as I do it.

I guess it may seem silly to some to have something like this and have to check off a list of what I have to do next when some things are as basic as get dressed, pull back the curtains, make the bed etc. But I have a very bad case of ADD that was never diagnosed when I was a kid or even as an adult really, but I am the classic case. I'm forever forgetting what I was going to do next or why I was in a room, etc. I have actually found myself walking around in practically a circle in my bedroom completely at a loss for what to do, and then realize I have not opened my binder yet.

The routines allow me to not have to think about it. As I become more used to a certain routine, I can do them on autopilot. That has happened a few times, but we moved to a new home five months ago, and I'm just now really getting into the swing of what routine feels good now. Of course as soon as I get used to it, school will start back and it will change again. So, I keep that binder and dry erase marker (I have two markers in case I lose one - it happens).

This is my Morning Routine. Now, please keep in mind, I work kind of a hybrid 2nd-3rd shift. 6:45pm til 3:15am But I work online from home. So, I wake up usually around 1pm. My kids have learned to be very self sufficient when their Dad's not here to help them (and even when he is :) ). I keep breakfast foods they like stocked, like cereal, pop tarts, oatmeal etc. I also have snacks ready, like goldfish crackers, celery sticks, carrots, apples, etc. So they have plenty to munch on during the day and help themselves. I always make sure there's a couple jugs of tea in the fridge before I got to bed, so they have something to drink as well. This helps keep everyone happy. They don't get hungry, and I don't get woken up early by whining hungry kids. They are good kids. If I had a little one at home, I would not work this shift, and probably not full time at all. I did that with my youngest, and I see a lot of issues she's having that the others didn't because I wasn't a SAHM when she was little. ANYWAY.. (told you I was ADD).. my morning routine:

___ Get up and let dogs out.
___ Feed and water the dogs and cats.
___ Put wet laundry in basket.
___ Start a new load of laundry.
___ Go to bathroom. Swish toilet with brush.
___ Weight myself.
___ Make the bed.
___ Get dressed.
___ Pull back bedroom curtains.
___ Read devotional.
___ Put on my shoes.
___ Wash face & moisturize, do makeup, fix hair, deodorant, perfume, teeth.
___ Wipe down bathroom counter, then toilet tank, seat and rim. Washcloth in hamper.
___ Put softener in washer.
___ Go hang up the wet clothes on the line.
___ Empty dishwasher and refill it with any dirty dishes that were used last night.
___ Wipe down kitchen counters and have breakfast and kefir, tea or coffee.

Now that's my basic routine. When it's all done, I check my email and certain blogs. I also evaluate my day and think about what needs to be done that day. I am still working on how I want to do a weekly routine, like do certain things on Mondays, and other things on Tuesdays etc. I'm not sure how that world work out. It may be easier and more necessary after school starts back.

I do have an "Early Afternoon Routine" which is basically certain things I need to get done in my day before the kids get home from school (during school year) or while they're out playing or doing their thing. I keep it pretty flexible during the summer since my kids are home. I prefer to spend time WITH them rather than just telling them to run and play and let Mommy do her housework. Of course the two older ones are teenagers and were raised in my chaotic household before I got organized, rededicated my life to Christ and being the kind of woman God wants me to be. The oldest one can't wait to move out and get married. And the 13 yr old is even more rebellious than before, only now it's visible. Still, I'm all for self esteem, self expression and all that. I just need to be more mindful of what all is going on with friends and school and all that. But that's not what this post was going to be about! :)

Ok, I'll post again later on with my Before Bed Routine as well as my work-in-progress - the After School Routine. That one is dependent on my kids catching the bus home and getting here on time first and foremost. Then a lot of it is getting them to do their own afterschool routines... they just don't know they have one yet :)

Have a great day everyone!!


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