Not what I expected.

Well, hubby came home from work tonight, and I was so excited to see his reaction. He did mention it, but kind of casually, then changed clothes and went to watch TV. He didn't look at the shelves and see how they were organized or anything. Didn't try out the chair. Didn't sit down to read a book. He did mention he'd seen my list of things for me to do (as a reminder) and he noticed it was one of the tasks. I guess that's why he wasn't surprised, but he really looked more annoyed that I'd done it than anything. Definitely not what I was going for.

I did ask him during one of my breaks when I went to the kitchen and he was watching tv.. did he think he'd ever use the corner even without his laptop? He said no, he couldn't think of any reason to sit there... He couldn't watch TV from there and had no computer. ................. Ok, remember what I said about the bookshelves? They're in every room. We have books EVERYWHERE. But he can't sit and read a book. SIGH.

I'm praying tomorrow is a better day.