Rooms switched and teenage rebellion.

So we finally got the bedrooms reworked. Corina, my 17 year old is now rooming with Faelyn my 11 year old in the larger of the kids' bedrooms. Rhiannon, the 12(soon to be 13) year old is now rooming with Zoe the 6(soon to be 7) year old in the smaller room. This spreads out the "stuff". Faelyn and Zoe each have a LOT of stuff, from toys to art supplies, to dolls and accessories, you name it. While the older two have clothes... and clothes. Well, Rhiannon does have some collections of things like frogs, shells, rocks, and stuff. But not nearly as much as the other two. So, now it's spread out more.

We also put a TV we got off Freecycle into the larger bedroom. I know kids' shouldn't have TV's in their bedrooms, but this was more for everyone's sanity than for them to stay up late. That room has a loveseat and coffee table in it in addition to the two girls' things, so it's kind of like a hangout spot. We have the rule that if someone is watching TV in the living room and it's not something someone else wants to see, the other person can go to that back bedroom to watch TV. The TVs can't both be on the same show however. And Daddy overrides them all. When he wants the living room TV, he gets it. He was really sick of Spongebob, let me tell you.

I've been getting caught up on laundry and keeping my counters and kitchen clean and my sink shining. My main trouble now is Rhiannon. I love her to death. She's so bright and highly intelligent, but due to that, she gets bored SO easily! Plus she's about to turn 13 and has that rebellious teenager thing down to a science. Like today, I had left a note for them all to have a list of things to be done. It was way easy really. They all had to work together to get the living room picked up and dining table cleared from the VBS stuff all over it. They had to make their beds too. Then Zoe was to scoop the litter box, Faelyn had to fill the bird feeder and Corina was supposed to drive Dad to work so I had the van to run errands. Rhiannon was to get the clothes out of the washer and hang them on the clothesline. The younger ones did their chores though the living room/dining room still looked rough. Corina slept through her dad going to work, and Rhiannon refused to hang clothes. She said it looked like rain and was too windy. They sky always looks like that and the wind is normal too. I ended up hanging the clothes myself After getting the van when Chris came home for lunch, I ran the errands and took the kids with me. When we got back home, I dropped off Rhiannon and Zoe and then had to take Faelyn to VBS. I told Rhiannon to get the clothes off the line. When I got home they were still on the line and she basically flat out refused to get them. So I got them, folded them, hung jeans and shirts on hangers and ended up handing her a neatly folded stack and several hangers full of HER clothes. She was shocked it took me no time at all to do that and marvelled that she had clean clothes. Not a single thank you, but at least she appreciate them. She really can infuriate me, but I'm trying to let it all slide off my back.

Ok, it's getting late, gotta go. Hope everyone has a great Independence Day. I might not write again til after it's all over.