Some Before Photos and What's For Dinner?

Here are some pics of my kitchen after the party after everyone went home and the water still hadn't been fixed. (Please see yesterday's post for why the water is off.)((**EDIT: Noticing the Bible on the table, I realized this was taken Sunday after we got home.**)) The dishwasher is also full of dirty dishes. We actually went through all of my 12 matching white plates and several of the dessert plates, then about half of the other set of casual dishes we have. I told everyone I didn't want to use paper plates or styrofoam since we could wash the dishes quickly in the dishwasher... yeah.

I am hoping after today I will be able to post some "After" photos of my clean kitchen and living/dining room. A wrench has been thrown into the gears however. My hubby is in court today as a witness to a shoplifting at his store, and I think he has BOTH sets of keys to Corina's car. I had asked him to take the car to work and leave me the van to run errands, but he didn't want to drive the clunker car to the courthouse. I don't have keys to the car though, I had given mine to Corina. Hers aren't where she left them and when I called her, she said he called about them a long time ago and she told him where they were (they're not there now). ARGH. I've left him bout 10 text messages and a voicemail and called his store, but he wasn't back from court yet. AHA! He just called me back from the store. He never even turned on his phone *mutter mutter*. But someone told him I had called for him. He said they're here somewhere.... sigh. So, have to go look under everything for these stupid keys. I'll edit this to add our menu later. Have a great day!!

***UPDATE*** I found the keys! WOOHOO. Got the bills paid, well all but one. Met up with hubby at his store to say hi and tell him we had to go to Lowes. We met at Lowes and picked out a faucet and I got a basin wrench. I found a great site that had a video showing how to take off the old faucet and install the new one. ((Thanks to "Everybody's Mama" in comments!)) So we came home at 6pm and I had to sign into work online by 6:45, so I got right to dismantling the old faucet. After a little grumblings and cussing at the "magic tape" he has used on it to keep it from being disastrous so we could wash clothes... we finally got the old faucet off just in time for me to get him to help me put the new faucet on the sink and get it fastened down. I had to get to work, so Christopher hooked up the water lines and my new spray nozzle. When it was all done and tested with no leaks (WOOHOO!) he had me come check it out. It's beautiful!!! I'm so thrilled :)

I guess I'm going to post my menu tomorrow. Tonight we were so tired and had so many dirty dishes that we just ordered Chinese takeout!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad the site helped and you got it fixed!
    Now you may not have known it would be but your before pictures were encouraging even without the after pictures yet. It's nice to know other people's houses sometimes get out of hand too! Isn't it awesome that the reason behind that was because you were spending time together and enjoying each other's company? What good is the perfect looking house without people and fellowship to fill it? :)

  2. I'm thrilled to hear my before pics might help someone else. I know I always feel better when I see other people's blogs that show they have messes too. Some of them look like they live in museums. A house is for LIVING, and we do a lot of that LOL. I'm excited that we're going to start having the couples' bible study class here for a group of our friends (same ones here Sat. night) before we get down to playing Cribbage or Settlers of Catan or whatever we end up playing. We had started having it at another couple's house, but the games switched to our home, so the bible class will too. I'm so happy my hubby was happy to do the class with us. He's changed so much. I can see God working in his life daily! Anyway, my point is, all this stuff makes a home messy LOL. If I didn't have it to clean and laundry to do, what would I do all day??? haha


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