A Day in the Life of Patty at My Chaotic Home

Hello all! A few blogs I have been reading off and on have been having "a day in the life of" posts. I decided I'd like to do that too. I see some of these and they seem so totally different than my life. So I thought it might be interesting to show some people what life's like around here.

Due to my strange schedule and not knowing if I'd be able to or willing to take pics this morning, I decided to just start my Day in the Life at 3:15am when I got off work yesterday morning. This is what my living room looked like when I walked out there:

Most of that mess is what's left from Rhiannon doing her homework later than I'd like and leaving it strewn all over the place. When I'm working and Christopher is on one of the 9am-10pm shifts, it can result in the kids trashing the house. This wasn't too bad though.

I got right to work on lunch prep for the girls and Christopher.

Two of the girls were getting ham sandwiches, one wanted chicken ramen, and the other wanted leftover soup. I vary their snacks usually too. They could get applesauce or raisins or celery with PB or cheese, along with crackers, or popcorn or even pork rinds. Just whatever I see that's on sale or something different. Usually it's all pretty healthy stuff, but now and then I'll throw in something just for fun.

Here I'm putting the freshly made ramen into Zoe's thermos (it was mine when I was a kid, she thinks that's cool.)

I'm a little out of sync and doing things all out of order since I was concentrating on taking photos. So, I went back and forth getting snacks ready and making the sandwiches, etc.

A friend of ours gave us a bag of home grown tomatoes. Yay! So I took them out to sort out the bad ones and put the good ones into a clean bowl and sliced one for the sandwiches. I also kept a few tommy-toes for Christopher's salad.

Here I am filling Rhiannon's thermos with the soup we had the night before which I heated up. I love this thermos. I got it at the Habitat for Humanity store for $2!

Now it's time to clean up.

It was about this time, that I realized I'd forgotten to get the girls' breakfast started. As I said, I was a little unorganized since I was stopping to take pics. My routine got mixed up. Anyway, I usually make them a batch of muffins or sometimes even homemade biscuits with sausage patties. I'm working up to full blown huge breakfasts like my mom used to make. It's just not really feasible for us. Around 5am I run out of steam and that's when the first girls just wake up. Corina and Zoe don't get up til 7. So here's today's. Blueberry muffins.

I LOVE Jiffy muffin mixes. I can get them on sale 2/$1 and they're quick, easy and the kids get a warm muffin to take to the bus stop. Lots of great kinds too.

While they were in the oven, I started packing the lunches into the bags.

When they are all done and ready to go, they take up just about the whole top shelf in my fridge.

I happened to take a couple of pics of my pantry as well. I am in and out of these doors so often during the day. I figured it deserved a pic or two. This one shows the whole thing pretty much. It's nothing great to look at, but it functions perfectly for what I need. I got it at a used furniture store for $29 right after we moved here. Great deal!

This is the Kids' Lunch shelf. They know not to eat or take anything from that shelf without asking first, or they'll be hungry come lunchtime with nothing left to give them.

By now it was time for the muffins to come out of the oven and get them ready for the girls who were waking up - kind of...

Sometimes they don't quite make it.

And sometimes they're happy to be up and getting ready. (Notice the one on the couch just rolled over) ... they did both make it to school though. :)

So, now that the girls are getting ready, their breakfast is ready, lunches made, and everything cleaned up, it's time to head to my room.

Here's what the kitchen looks like before I head to bed. I like knowing my kitchen *should* be clean when I wake up.

This is Porchy wondering if I'm finally going to bed so he can lay on top of me... he's as heavy as he looks too!

And yeah I know having a cat on the counter may freak people out. I already read another blog where she showed a kitten laying on her counter and she got tons of comments about the diseases etc. Well, sorry but this is us. The cats get on the counters (not often), They do sleep on my desk and my lap, and me... We have 3 cats (there were 4 but my oldest daughter's cat passed away a few days ago :( ) and we have two dogs. They are all indoor animals who get to go out when they like but they don't like to usually. Anyway, like Pioneer Woman, I'm "keepin' it real." lol

So, after all this, I head to my bedroom and take a quick glance at email just to make sure nothing major has happened in the last couple of hours, then freshen up and get dressed for bed, putting my dirty clothes IN the hamper (this is a new habit I'm working on hehe).

To Be Continued!

Sorry, but I still have the rest of the day to post about and I am dawg-tired. It's 6:49am here. I'm up almost 2 hours later than normal. Eyes burning.... Zzzzzzzzz....