If it had gone smoothly, I would have been shocked.

Ok, so today was my first day off. My hubby got the morning off work, and had to be there by 1pm, and worked til 10:15. We both slept in (well I got up earlier than normal and he slept later than expected. We managed to get up, ready and out of here in time to go to a new place for lunch. Actually it's the same building as the restaurant that we went to in college and where he and I went to very late one night in 1991 and decided to get married over hotdogs and frenchfries. Romantic huh? HAha. Well, that restaurant has gone through several owners and names since then, but the current one looked inviting, so we stopped in. I had chopped steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and fried okra. Christopher had a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce tomato and bacon. His chicken was HUGE and not processed. I was surprised. My meal came with a dessert, so I picked blackberry cobbler, but had to take it to go. I was stuffed.

After lunch, I took him on to work, then headed to the bank and to pay some bills. There's some weird issue with our debit card at the moment, and we cannot use it. This issue has started the domino effect for the rest of the weekend not going so well. I hadn't really planned on what to make for dinner tonight. I wanted to see what was on sale or what caught my eye. I actually ended up getting Little Caesar's pizzas, because plans changed for the movie. I was able to make the 7:30 showing instead of the 10:15 show which worked out well since I had to pick up Christopher from work at 10:30 heh (had forgotten that when I'd made plans to go to the movies with my 13 yr old.) Soo.... I finished up some errands and was happy to not have to worry about dinner other than picking it up.

When I got home, the kids had just gotten in from school and the house was getting trashed. I had wanted to work on laundry and cleaning since I didn't have to worry about dinner, but I actually just felt like sitting at my computer and doing a bunch of nothing. Hey it's my day off. I figured it wasn't the end of the world if I vegged for a bit. My oldest texted me she was on her way home to babysit, so I took off to the movies to see Julie and Julia with Rhiannon, my 13 yr old.

The movie was truly wonderful. Meryl Streep was AMAZING as Julia Child. I totally forgot it was Meryl and believed immediately that it was Julia. It was charming and even romantic with the way the two women realized how much they loved their husbands and how much their husbands loved them. Just fabulous movie. Now I want her cookbook, and I want to make Bœuf bourguignon. Really. I dunno about boning a duck, but if I did that, I think I'd be able to hold my head a little higher each day.

So, after the movie, I called hubby at work to tell him we were coming to get him soon. He got on the phone and sounded awful. He asked if we still had any of his antibiotics from his last illness and any of the anti nausea stuff left. Uh Oh.
He told me to cancel having friends over tomorrow, but we'd still go to the fair if he felt up to it. Later on after we were home, he informed me that his boss told him today that he has to drive to a city 90 minutes away on Mon, Tue and Wed and take 3 co-workers with him to do new layouts at that store and teach them how to do it. Ummm... not good. We have two vehicles, but only one I really like to be caught in in public. My daughter's car is a clunker that she's painted half primer gray and half true blue straight from a couple of cans of spray paint, and one of the headlights is makeshift out of a mason jar and a metal tin. Not kidding. And the muffler is shot and it can be heard a mile away now. This would not normally be an issue, since he'd drive our van to work, she'd take her car to school, and I'd sleep the morning and then do my normal stuff in the afternoon and make dinner etc... But life is never that easy... I have to drive to another city 45 minutes away in the opposite direction from Hubby and make the house payment in person due to the issue with the debit card. I could send them a check, but I already arranged to meet them there and pay it in person, and they've had to work with me a few times before already,- changing what I said I'd do now would jsut look bad. I don't need my landlord/financer losing faith in me. So, I have to drive the clunker. I'm going to let Corina drive to school though, since she gets out at 2:30, by the time she gets home is when I'd just be awake and done with my routine anyway, and I'll still have just enough time to make it there before their office closes. I just really really really hate driving that car. UGH!!!

This is still complicated further by the fact that hubby's check is direct deposited and we normally use the debit card to get out what is needed at a time and use it to pay bills etc. So, there's a nice chunk of money in the account that we cannot access until Monday morning when they open at 8 or 9am. But hubby has to be at his new store assignment at 8am so will not be here to get money out for gas or lunch (he doesn't like taking his lunch on days he works out of town - it's a hassle). So, I have to save it out of what cash I still have after paying bills today. (See my paycheck went thru early Friday so I got my money out, but Hubby's went thru this evening after the bank closed. And our lovely bank(well credit union really) is not open on Saturdays. Ok, so not terrible, I have some cash and can give him some, but that's cutting into what I'd planned on having for the fair, but even worse, Hubby's birthday is Monday - and now he has to spend it driving 3 employees to another store 90 minutes away and he hates to drive. It really stresses him. AND I'm not going to have the money to treat him or take him out or really get him what he wants during his days off this weekend. It just really sucks. I want to really treat him like a king and show him how much I totally respect him and appreciate him for all he does for us and me inparticular. Putting up with me for nearly 18 years is an accomplishment. I know I can still tell him those things and do something a lot less expensive, but it still bugs me. I also feel really bad about him having to drive down there on his birthday AND he's sick.

One good thing has come out of this, his boss had mentioned making him work Sunday morning (mandatory manager meeting for some stupid reason on a Sunday morning), but then decided not to. So he still has his Sunday off and unless he's feeling like total crap, we'll be going to church and SUNDAY SCHOOL together. YAY! Well... we'll see what happens. I knew when I posted my itinerary for the weekend. Now just hoping it's not a total yesterday that something would happen loss. And I really hope he feels better.

Hope you all are still having a great weekend!!