Appliance Headaches!

Sorry this is not the post I promised last week... ones with pics of the finished living room and girls rooms and the day we spent in Jonesborough... I know, I'm full of shame over it too. I WILL do it though!

Today I wanted to talk about appliances. I had mentioned we found a brand new warranted dishwasher for $200 at a store, and I got to thinking about it. I almost went to get it when the two older girls pleaded with me to get them more clothes because the crappy dryer I got on Freecycle ate all their new shirts. So, that helped make my decision. I went to the used appliance sales and repair place and found a nice black dishwasher that had been $100 on sale for $75. I asked the guy what would it cost to come to my house, look at my dryer to see if the heating element was the issue and to fix it, plus look at my dw and decide if it's fixable... and if not maybe replace it with the $75 one. Well, it would actually cost me more to have the guy go to my house and just LOOK at my old dishwasher that it would cost to just buy the "new" one outright. And he said if I took the dryer to him, it would be a lot cheaper to do in-store repairs. So I bought the DW, ran by to pic Christopher up when he got off work and headed home. That's when the fight happened.

The first fight we'd had since I decided to be more of a Proverbs 31 Woman and be more caring and loving and respectful and "submissive" to my husband. It felt weird. We actually used to fight all the time. In fact we joked it was how we communicated. This fight hurt. It made me feel horrible. HORRIBLE. Basically he was upset I expected him to take out the old dw and install the new one after he'd worked 11 hours. I was upset that he didn't think this was a top priority with the state of the house and how the kitchen is the heart of the home and it was all falling apart - due to a lousy appliance. I left to go to the store for frozen pizza since I refused to cook in that nasty kitchen. He called me while I was driving to ask if I'd latched the side door back since it's busted. I told him no, he was supposed to do that and he said I left too fast, Hrmph. I didn't care. I drove to the store and back and refused to fix the stupid latch. Looking back it was dumb. having the sliding door fall off the van while driving would have been very bad, but I was ticked. And I was sad. I got all teary eyed while shopping. Not angry tears, but really sad tears that we'd fought. I felt so bad that I'd asked so much of him but also sad that he didn't understand how much I NEEDED the dishwasher to be running again. It was like a piece of my sanity.

When I got back home, he was in his lounge pants and walked out to meet me barefoot looking very sheepish. I think he'd also been teary eyed. Fighting was not something we did anymore. We hugged and kissed and he said he'd fix the door and help bring in stuff. I had to get to work after I stuck the pizzas in the oven. After a few hours and banging and swearing he didn't have the right tools, and troubleshooting all the things I'd already done - he finally got the new one hooked up and installed and it looks great and works BETTER than the old one ever did!

I was so happy and he was so proud of himself. It's been a weird year. We're 39 years old and I've finally baked homemade biscuits, and a chocolate meringue pie for the first time in my life,... and he's decided he likes to grill and really puts his heart into it.. AND he installed an appliance. Did the new house make us grow up... or is it the newfound closeness we have to God and to each other? We're finally ready to be the kind of man and woman we're supposed to be. It's kind of cool! :)

The repair guy has our dryer, the "good" one that doesn't heat. We're going to take him the "bad" dryer that eats clothes and makes loud bangy noises but DOES heat and has our cord attached... which we can't get off now (sigh). AND we're taking him the "bad" dishwasher. I am really really hoping trading in these busted appliances to the appliance repair guy will knock some of the cost off the repair bill for getting the good dryer fixed. I NEED my dryer.

I would never have made it in the 50s in this area when women were lucky if they had a wringer washer and no one had dryers. Clothes always hung outside to dry even when it was 12 degrees outside. And there were no dishwashers except your kids... of course back then kids said Yes Ma'am and didn't talk back (at least they didn't on TV). So yeah I have it good, and I'm sure I'm spoiled, but I know what helps make my home run smoothly and THAT is what's important to me... my sanity and my family being happy.

I can't wait to get my dryer back!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your fight. I know I have been there myself too. I am glad to hear it all worked out in the end. =) Out of all of my appliances the dishwasher is the one thing I cannot live without. I think I would go stir crazy if I had to hand wash everything!
    I just found your blog and look forward in seeing all of your remodeling you are doing. =)

  2. Stacey, welcome! I love knowing people actually *read* my blog. It's very weird but cool. :) And comments make me very happy, thanks!! We called about the dryer today since it was Hubby's day off and it was ready (they'd neglected to call and tell us), and since the guy had sold it to us to start with less than 6 months ago, he only charged us for parts, YAY! He likes returning customers hehe. I promise I *am* going to take pics of the girls' rooms. ... sometime. (They're really messy right now >_> )

  3. Fighting really does make you miserable! So glad y'all made up quickly! It just goes to show how hard it is to have peace when everyone is tired and the house is a wreck. It DOES make a difference despite how some may disagree. Great you got the appliance issues fixed. Maybe now you can get back to a routine. Take care! :)

  4. The only reason I've baked homemade biscuits is because that is the only kind my hubby will eat. And I got sick of hearing him complain about it.


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