I Still Don't Have a Kitchen Island

For those of you who have been following my crazy chaotic life for a while, might remember me going on about a kitchen island. Well, I never was able to justify coming up with that much money at once when we were still paying full price for Hubby's medicine. Well, now that the deductible has FINALLY been met (and I have the bills to prove it!), I feel like we can spend a little more on the house now. I will NEVER make that mistake with our insurance ever again!

So, anyway, I went by the Habitat for Humanity store today with Christopher and Rhiannon (13) to look at their furniture. The white table I'd decided I wanted was gone. Sigh. They didn't have anything else I liked or needed, so we went on to an antique store on the highway. The one where the white kitchen island had been. They had a LOT less stuff this time. Only one of those Jadeite bowls was left, and it was $35!

I then drove to the used furniture store where I had found my china cabinet and pantry. I was browsing over tables that just weren't quite right when Christopher hollered at me. He'd found an old antique piece of furniture. I guess it was some kind of dresser or sideboard. It has a gorgeous marble top and several drawers. There were no handles on the drawers and it looks like they locked and they had all been busted. It'll take a bit of work, like new drawer handles and soaping the drawers so they slide well. But I could store my baking sheets, pie and bread pans etc, as well as my most used prep-utensils, measuring spoons and cups etc, and even my most used cookbooks. I'll have to find other places to put the larger things, like the smaller crockpot, electric skillet etc. Time to clean out the bottom of the pantry. (I think a lot of the stuff down there needs to go in the drawers of the new baking station anyway. ) Yeah I've decided I want it. The marble top really cinched it for me. I want to go get it tomorrow, but Hubby works 10-10 and I can't haul it into the house without help. :( I wish I weren't so impatient, but I really am!

Sorry no pics of it. I didn't even think of it cause I didn't like it at first. I've since changed my mind heh. Hoping this makes baking and meal prep much easier and more enjoyable. I am in desperate need of inspiration.

The bigger girls' room is a disaster area. They are such slobs! Really! I've told them to clean it several time this week, and it is stuck at their idea of clean. It's amazing how blind they can be. So, I'm going to have to go in there and do more cleaning up. Then I'll take pics before it gets bad again.

The smaller room is pretty good. Corina let it get bad once, but it didn't last long. She is sick of her room being messy. She has a cage with some kittens she's been taking care of in there at the foot of her bed too. I usually let them out to run around her room during the day hehe. It would be awesome to have crate-trained cats, but I'm won't be surprised if it doesn't last.

It's just been kind of discouraging around here lately. I'm trying not to let it get me down. So many people have it way worse than we do, so I try to keep it in perspective. I guess every Mom wishes their kids did more around the house and that their husband made the kids behave and show more respect...


  1. I can relate as I am the queen of impatience! I went to a garage sale yesterday and they had this vanity there that was really cheap but I had no way to get it home. My mind is still going as I type trying to think of how I could get it home. I don't want to pass up the deal!

    I can also relate to a daughter's messy bedroom. I purchased paint to paint my daughter's room...I think back in July but told her I wouldn't paint it until she cleaned her room. She has YET to fully clean her room!! I can say my room looked just about like hers does now when I was younger too.

    Have a great day!!

  2. So glad you found a piece that will work for you. The marble top should be wonderful for baking. Can't wait to see it. Hugs, Marty


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