Interesting developments

The night I posted that last entry about not getting the sideboard afterall, and letting it go until God made it obvious which one I was *supposed* to have... well Christopher called me from work not very long after I posted that and asked if I wanted a kitchen island. I am not kidding.

He said it was a wooden one with a butcher block top with wheels and it had a drawer, shelves and even a little area with a door for storage. It was on clearance for $72 and he could get a 20% discount! Praise the Lord I did not get that sideboard afterall. I knew God was telling me to wait, and it was hard but I had listened. I am so glad I did.

He brought it home from work that night and I put it together during work, sitting at my desk watching for reports and emails while screwing pieces of wood together.

Strangely the 4 metal cam locks that hold the top to the island crumbled as if they were made of ceramic. I'd never seen anything like it. All 4 did it. So it's kind of just sitting on it for now and is still pretty secure. We're going to try to find more cam locks at Lowes.

I got to really use it on Saturday when we had people over for games and food. Christopher and I made fajitas, and we had lots of snack items, veggies, chips, salsa etc. With the island, my buffet, and the baking table, I was able to lay all the food out for people to get to easily as well as drinks, plates etc. And I still had a counterspace to bake brownies for dessert while they played cards. My friend K who is the only other women in our group that gets together to play games or do bible study commented on the island. So that was nice. :) I am really loving my kitchen now. I do want to eventually replace the old white folding table I'm using as my baking table, but for now it works fine. When I'm meant to replace it, something will come along. (A Hoosier cabinet sure would be nice... like the one on my mother-in-law's carport. Hmmmm haha)

Sorry no pics yet, I've got a nasty cold and haven't felt like much of anything. I should have taken pics when it was all cleaned up before our friends came over, but I wasn't thinking.

In other news, I didn't get to go to lunch with my friend on Friday afterall. His company had layoffs on Thursday and he had to be in a meeting all day Friday with the rest of who's left. :( And of top of it all, he emailed me to tell me he and his wife have separated! Apparently that's why he had wanted to meet for lunch to talk. I know you all don't know them from Adam, but if you could, say a little prayer for this couple. They have two teenagers still at home and had been fostering kids as well (they had to send the fostered kids back due to discipline issues a couple weeks ago). I think it's just due to lots of stress with the foster kids and she's on disability and hates not being able to work. She gets around all right. I'd be THRILLED to get to be a SAHM fulltime, but it bothers her a lot I guess. I feel so sorry for the kids and the whole situation. I'm just praying they can get it worked out.

Christopher is due for an ultrasound and checkup on his kidney soon. I tried to make the appt today, but have to call back tomorrow. They discovered a growth on one of them last October, and they want to keep an eye on it. It's an angiomyolipoma which can be taken care of, but he's on Plavix due to this stents and they are afraid of him bleeding to death! So, if it gets bad enough to have to remove, they'll have to freeze it or burn it off. Hopefully he can keep the kidney if it does grow. It's all speculation right now. He's not even had the ultrasound. It's possible it's exactly the same as it was last year and we have nothing to worry about yet. It's just something that kind of sticks in the back of my mind though. Women are just made to worry I guess. Working on that.

Oh, one more thing. Like I said, I am sick. Sunday was the worst since it hit me pretty hard Saturday night. Guessing one of our friends was a carrier heh. More likely one of the kids. Anyway, so Sunday I knew I needed to rest and recover as much as I could so I didn't miss work and I had to get better to be there for the kids etc. I asked Christopher if he'd go on without me and he sure did! he took the girls and they got there in time for Sunday School and he even took notes for me! (Who is this man and what did he do with my agnostic husband?). And THEN he took the THREE GIRLS to the MALL. he said they went into every single store, even Hollister and Abercrombie. (Haha just typing those names, I swear I can smell their stores!) In fact Zoe had to hold her nose and Chris said she said very loudly. "Ew I don't like this store, their cologne smells bad!" They were looking for a new hoodie for Rhiannon. She needs a new one for fall, and she wanted a black one for a book report where she's dressing as the main character (some emo vampire guy - I think ALL the teen books are about emo vampire guys). They didn't find one though. I was going to take her to the local nice-clothes thrift store, but I just felt so bad. I'm sure she'll do just fine. She's already got the dyed-black hair and eyeliner going on. I wanted to tell her she looks like an emo vampire guy everyday, but thought better of it. hehe

Well, my headache is pounding now and I need to get to sleep. Hope you're all doing well and have a blessed day!