It's a Go!

Ok, Hubby agreed to the room switching I mentioned yesterday. Well, his stipulation was that he didn't have to move all that furniture on his day off tomorrow. I told him no, but he did need to fix my dishwasher which is on the fritz again!

So, I thought I'd better plan out a course of action...

First the 3 rooms affected need to be straightened up or at least get the clutter out of the floors, even if it means bagging it up in trashbags and tossing them in the bathtub or something! Also need to get all the winter clothes off the top of my chest-of-drawers.

Second we need to move my hubby's swivel chair out of our room or over to the side for now, and move his big main bookshelf to the wall between my desk and the closet door. Find somewhere to move my standing jewelry armoire.

Third, move the loveseat and coffee table to our room, and move the TV from the bigger room to our room on the chest of drawers. (So hubby and I can have our DVD date nights in our own room! Well, if the DVD player we have will work anyway)

Fourth, move Corina's bed and dresser out of her old room and put the in the livinf room or kitchen for the time being.

Fifth, move dresser from smaller room to bigger room as well as toy cubby (take this opportunity to declutter toys Zoe does not play with)

Sixth, take apart bunkbeds and move to bigger room and reassemble. (Move all the stuff that I am 100% sure will have been crammed under the bed)

Seventh, Move Corina's bed and chest of drawers into the smaller room.

Eighth, Switch clothes in closets and finish up any smaller stuff like things on shelves, etc.

So, that should be it. Then my 7, 11 and 13 year olds will all be sharing a room while my 17 year old has a room of her own. The weird thing is, I think the 7 and 13 yr olds will actually end up with MORE room in the bigger room than they had in the smaller room. The bigger room is truly huge for a second bedroom in a singlewide mobile home. It's the one main factor that sold this house for me (well and the fact that I have no neighbors behind me YAY!)

So, Corina knows now. I have to tell the other girls tomorrow. I might end up letting them have a TV again later on, but I don't think they really need it. They're bored with cartoons and whatever's on Disney etc.

I'm really hoping this is a good move for the girls. I hope it goes smoothly and am praying it does! I'm also praying they can really work on getting the rooms clean and keeping them clean. Zoe will have a lot more room for her toys (I think), and I am going to keep looking for better storage solutions for all their stuff.

I am really looking forward to this paycheck. We are going to finally replace the toilet in the girls' bathroom and rip up that nasty carpet in their bathroom and ours and put down peel-n-stick vinyl tiles. It's not ideal, but it will do until I can afford to get ceramic or stone tiles put down. I just can't handle the carpet in the bathrooms. ICK!!!

I'll try to remember to take before and after pics of the moving around. When this is all done and the house is neat (I HOPE) then I'll do a house tour and post it.


  1. Girl, you've got it all worked out! It will be nice to have the chance to go through the accumulated stuff and purge or organize. It will also make it easier to keep clean afterwards. I know your daughter must be excited!

    Hey, if you think you really would like a piano then get a keyboard instead. Much easier when it is time to rearrange or move! :)


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