Oh Indecision!

Ok, I was all fired up to go get that sideboard today. Hubby came home on his lunchbreak, then I took him back to work, ran by the bank and headed to the furniture store... then I though, "Hmm maybe the antique store downtown would have something better." So I figured it was worth a look. I did find an adorable vintage apron! But nothing really better than the marble top sideboard.

So, I get to the store and go in and the sales guy is with some other dude and he's trying to explain that yes the TV will get channel 73 with the right remote... So I stood there looking at the huge, heavy-looking piece of antique furniture. Really looking. I realized it's missing a foot and they have a piece of 2x4 under that corner. I noticed the veneer on the sides is split and cracked. Yeah, it needs a LOT of work. Yeah the marble top is AMAZING... but can I spend $99 on it knowing I still have so much work to do on it? If we weren't suddenly having to go see my Hubby's grandparents in FL next month, then yeah maybe.

For now, however, I think I am going to pass afterall. I know it seems to be a pattern with me... I find something I really like and then swear I'm going to get it and then chicken out. I mean I *know* it's a good deal. Heck I went by Big Lots on the way home and they have a tiny butcherblock thing you might be able to call an "island" in a kids' playhouse for $200!!

So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm having lunch with a friend back in my hometown tomorrow. There's a huge charity thrift store downtown with a basement full of furniture I have yet to look at. I'm going to take my cash and take a look at what they have. If it's meant to be in God's plan for me to get a new table, counter or island thing for my kitchen, then it will happen. I feel like forces are working to make sure I don't make the wrong decision (or spend the money yet.) I'll sure be praying about it (along with much more important things!)


  1. Good for you. If you are like me once you have it you will be stuck with it for many years. Best to make sure that you really LOVE it. Hope you find the perfect piece. Hugs, Marty

  2. That is the way to look at it, He will provide. I love used furniture too. Thank for comming by. God bless your day! Sharon


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