Oh my poor living room.

Oh my goodness....

It's bad. Worse than I thought it would be. BUT! I know it's only temporary. Though I do wish we'd been able to get it done in a day, it just didn't happen and Hubby came home and was not pleased at all.

Corina's room is almost kinda done. Of course when she got her stuff into her room, she stopped really caring what happened next. So now I have a living room and kitchen full of kids toys and furniture. And I am wondering how its all going to fit in that one bedroom which suddenly doesn't look as large as it used to...

I did forget to get before pics of the girls' rooms, but just imagine all this stuff in one small bedroom with a set of red bunkbeds.

Corina's room looks nice and sparse at the moment. I love that. I am so sick of clutter,... y'all just don't know.

All this stuff sitting around to go into that big room will have to pass inspection by me first. Also, my 11 yr old is just going to have to either part with some stuff or we need to figure out a better way to store it all. She currently has a chest of drawers all to herself for clothes, then 1 tall and 1 short bookshelf full, 2 milk crates and a 2-drawer filing cabinet. Yet, her stuff seems to be falling out or sticking out for people to run into or trip over or step on all the time. She used to take care of her things very well when she was younger. Every game or art set or whatever she got for Christmas, she would keep in tact in the original packaging. Now that her sisters have gotten into her stuff or she's just gotten lazy, things have gone missing. Time to get rid of or give away a bunch of it.

Friday and Saturday are my days/nights off. Also, since Corina has informed me that they are only charging reduced prices for meals at school now, I am going to get my spare change together and let the kids eat breakfast and lunch at school. So, I will only have to make hubby's lunch, and then I can spend the rest of my late night/morning going through the stuff in the living room. Saturday hubby and I have plans for the afternoon, and I want all the cleaning and moving done by then.


Pray for me y'all!

PS. Thanks everyone for the comments I've been getting!!! I did want to babystep it, but the kids decided to tackle it head on. This morning when it's nice and quiet. I will babystep through decluttering the stuff. No one needs that much stuff!