Rethinking some things.

I am going to ask my husband tonight what he thinks of giving Corina (17) her own room. She would get the small room, and we'd have the other 3 in the bigger room. It's going to mean taking apart the bunkbeds in the small room and moving them to the big room, then moving Corina's twin bed to the small room. It will also mean moving R and Z's dresser to the big room and then Corina's chest of drawers to the small room. Then there's the toys.

I plan to take the loveseat and coffee table out of the big room to allow them more floor space and room for toys. The loveseat and table just never got used the way I would have liked. I always wanted that to be the hang out room for them and their friends, to watch TV or sit and chat or play games etc. But it just turned into another flat surface to put junk on.

I'm hoping to replace the swivel chair in our bedroom with the loveseat and table, so hubby and I can watch TV in here on our own little couch. I believe it will mean moving bookshelves and it may not be something Hubby wants. We'll see.

After living here for 6 months, some things still just don't *feel* right.

We were going to let R (13) have the smaller bedroom to herself after Corina moves out anyway. So I got to thinking (after Corina kind of brought it up), why can't Corina have her own room now. She's shared with the growing number of younger sisters since she was 4. Now she only shares with one, but it's the sloppiest one of the bunch. She's not even done any decorating to her corner. I feel like a teenage girl needs to be able to put up posters, pictures, etc. Make it HER room.

The other three can easily share the other room. They will keep the beds they have now. And to be honest, I think they will all end up with more room since I am taking the loveseat and table out of the big room. There will probably be some fighting over which computer stays in which room. One is a lot faster than the other. We'll see.

The bunkbeds were going to move the big bedroom eventually anyway. When R moves to the smaller room and Corina is moved out, The top bunk can be used for sleepovers or storage of stuffed animals and blankets.

Corina is the only one who knows of the plan so far and is begging me to let her and Tyler move the furniture tomorrow. But I've not asked Hubby yet, so I'm asking him before telling the girls. I really hope this all goes well. And most of all... I hope it keeps my oldest baby at home more often.


  1. I've been wanting to do some rearranging of our bedrooms too but there's this little thing called a piano that keeps getting in the way!

  2. Hey Mama! I keep seeing free pianos on Freecycle, but Hubby won't let us get one. Says they're too expensive to get fixed and too heavy to haul. I don't play anyway. Heh. Hubby agreed to the room changes as long as he doesn't have to do any moving LOL. I told him he can just work on the dishwasher. It stopped working AGAIN! I swear it's because of that sticky bbq sauce he made haha. Corins is so thrilled. I haven't told the other 3 yet...


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