Slow Start

Ok, I did not get a good start on getting the rooms moved around yet. Hubby was off today and he specifically asked to have it as a day of relaxation (even though he just spent all of Labor Day at a friend's house playing games til 11pm) ... but I respected his wishes and did not ask him to help, and to be honest- all I wanted to do was sleep.

Now I feel guilt. Guilt for not working on it yesterday, and for having let my room get this messy to start with.

I feel like I need to get this done not just for my 17 yr old to have her own room, but also for my husband. He mentioned this evening he really hates anything on the bed when he is ready to lay down. There was a small stack of clothes on the bed of mine that I hadn't put away. In all the months living here I never knew he felt that way. Did he feel that way at the old house? Did I leave stuff on that bed as much? I don't think so. This bed seems to be used a lot for laundry and just stuff.
I want to get this room finally completely unpacked and straightened up for him. He had stopped using his corner chair when his laptop died. Then when it was fixed, I decided to switch out the chairs and gave him the comfy swivel chair. Well, he won't sit there, and now it's covered in clothes and books and junk. I hate to say it, but there's barely even a path to my side of the bed anymore. It's terrible.

I want to get it cleaned up and I want it to become an oasis for just us. The loveseat and table will be a fabulous place to sit and watch DVDs together without disturbing the girls (since their beds are closer to the living room TV) and I can keep it neat and decorated and have candles and all that. Plus he can still use the area as a study when he works on his games, design and writing. So, I have renewed passion for getting this done. Now I just need to get myself out of bed earlier than I normally do and try to live with less than 8 hours of sleep. I wish I were more of a "morning person!"

To go along with this becoming more of our oasis, like I mentioned yesterday we are replacing the toilet in the girls' bathroom and putting down new vinyl tile so they will be able to use their own bathroom instead of traipsing through our room.

Another thing I am excited about is I am bound and determined to find just the right table or island to use as my kitchen island. I know of a great kitchen work table I can get to replace the white plastic folding table in my kitchen, and I am praying I find another smaller one for the island. So, this weekend I will go shopping at the used furniture stores and Habitat for Humanity. I just know I'll find what I need.

I need to get someone to come look at my dishwasher too. :( Nothing we do will get it to clean dishes, and it doesn't always drain all the way. Hubby took it apart and didn't see any clogs. I don't know what it might be. I hate having to get someone to come out though. I NEED my dishwasher though!

Ugh I'm sleepy now and just want to sleep again, but I have to go make lunches for all 5 of them. I've really got to start getting them to make their own lunches or at least help after dinner or something. I need sleep and downtime.

Ok,... Hoping today is MUCH more productive. Have a good one!


  1. We are in very small home and it is so easy to let the bedrooms pile up. I think it is because you know you can just close that door. But it robs you of peace, that is for sure. Don't feel like you HAVE to do all of it at once. Work for a few minutes a day and whatever you manage to get clean in that time, then make it a goal to keep it that way. Like today do just the dresser top, tomorrow check it,then do part or all of the chair, then next day check both then do, etc...It may take a little longer but it isn't so overwhelming that way and actually it motivates you when you see a little progress! :) Don't make yourself miss needed sleep. It will just make you tired, crabby and depressed. Take care now!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such nice comments. :o)

    "be able to use their own bathroom instead of traipsing through our room"--- Hahahahahaha!!! My girls' rooms are right beside their bathroom but they still come to the other side of the house to use my bathroom!

    I second what Everybody's Mama said. Baby steps. Start with one thing. Eventually you'll *want* to do more than one thing.

    Take care of yourself and have a blessed weekend.


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