Well, it is a Wednesday. Why not have a subject about it. Actually I thought yesterday was Wednesday for several hours. haha.

I am so excited I found my baked oatmeal recipe that the kids just love. I was so disappointed when I thought it was lost and I could not find the exact one online anymore. I have the oats soaking in the whey mixture now. I'm going to finish it and get it baking while I fix everyone's lunches.

Yesterday Christopher grilled a rack of ribs (and some hotdogs). He's really been into stuff he's seen on Create TV while on lunch at work. He made the rub for the ribs and get the coals going then had them cooking for a couple hours and made the sauce. Oh my! a tsp of cayenne goes a LONG way! Even with the sweetness in the sauce that cayenne was hot. Everyone still ate them, but had to have a big glass of milk nearby LOL. I had a hotdog. My tummy can't handle the hot stuff. I wish I'd taken a pic of the ribs. They were gorgeous. I couldn't find my camera though. I found it later when I started work. My cat had stretched and knocked it into the trash can!

Well, I'm off to get the baked oatmeal and those lunches done and get to bed. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Oh, my I'm glad you found your camera before the trash was taken out!! I have cats too so I know a little about that.
    My hubby has been craving ribs for a couple of weeks now. My son LOVES them and we sort of feel bad to cook them when he is off at school. We're just old softies, I guess.
    Baked oatmeal. I've read about that but I've never tried it. I haven't tried all the stuff about soaking grains and making my own yogurt and all either so I guess that is why. I suppose I should give a try. I'm a little afraid of giving my family food poisoning if I mess it up!!

  2. Hey Mama! I couldn't believe I almost threw it out! So glad I found it. :) My baked oatmeal turned out so well, though it's not as sweet as I remembered it being, but the only sweetener I used was lite fake maple syrup since it's all I had other than sugar. It calls for agave nectar or pure maple syrup since it's supposed to be healthy but sometimes I just don't have the money for that stuff. I love making homemade yogurt and cream cheese. Sometime, I'll do a post showing step by step how to make the yogurt. I've made kefir too, but I can't get my family to drink it without putting a lot of sweetener in it which kind of defeats the purpose really.

  3. I read about people doing the homemade yogurt, cream cheese, etc. Do you then flavor it? What about the cream cheese? Do you wind up using enough to justify making it instead of buying it? I would love to see how you make it and use it!

    I can't handle a lot of dairy and the only storebought yogurt I've found that I can tolerate is the Weightwatcher's. It has the good bacteria added too. Even Activia hurt my stomach!

    PS I don't think I ever did comment on your A Day in My Life post...I tried but couldn't get my slow computer to bring up the comment box. Anyway I enjoyed reading about your day and seeing the pictures. That was a lot of work to post! Thanks for sharing, it's always neat to get a peek at other's lives! :)


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