Wishing I could still call my Mom.

Having my mother's cookbooks and recipes is just not the same as having her on the other end of the phone or RIGHT there in my kitchen showing me how to do things. I was a "surprise" baby, 11 years after my sister, and Mom had already done the whole raising kids thing and showing a daughter how to sew and bake and cook and can and all that stuff. Me? I got Sesame Street and Mr Rogers and whatever else was on TV. Julia Child and The Galloping Gourmet taught me about cooking and Victory Garden taught me about planting tomatoes and lettuce... I never did like those sewing shows, too boring lol. I called Mom several times as an adult asking how to do simple things I should have already learned. I have a few pages of weird chaotic notes from phone conversations where I tried in vain to write stuff down.

Mom's been gone almost 4 years now. The odd thing is, she left me her cookbooks. Not my sister who is a caterer and owns her own cafe/bistro. Me. I still get kind of choked up over that. My sister did get the sewing machine. Mom knew what she was doing there.

I mention all of this because my Mom made the most wonderful chocolate meringue pie. It was always at every family get together we had at her house (and they were always at her house til she got sick). There were other desserts too, but that chocolate meringue is the one I always looked forward to. I am not the only one. My husband has mentioned more than once this week alone that he sure wishes he could have chocolate pie. He even looked in the freezer section at the discount grocery store we shop at, but they didn't have any.

Well, today I had to go get milk and sugar, and I walked by the Jello counter. I know for a fact that Mom's secret was the filling was Jello chocolate cook n serve pudding/pie filling. Oh I watched her make them for years and loved it cause I got to lick the pan! The problem is, I never paid much attention to what she did with that frozen pie crust. I never paid any attention to how she made the meringue. I never watched and timed how long it took to bake the meringue to just the right stage. Mom's chocolate pies were ALWAYS perfect. I wish I had that expertise available to me now.

I have 2 boxes of chocolate Jello cook n serve pudding, milk, eggs, and two frozen pie crusts. I'm hoping I have the other things I may need. I am now off in search of her meringue recipe in those many many ancient cookbooks. I am sure I will find it. She did an excellent job of bookmarking and writing page numbers on inside covers for fav recipes... but then... I will have to attempt it for the first time myself.

Even if they don't turn out perfect, I'm pretty sure they'll still taste good, and one of my girls will get to lick the pot.

Wish me luck!