I wanted to let everyone know, I just "had a feeling" about the dishwasher this evening. I took bottom rack out and all the dishes out of the top except one little bread plate with some ketchup on it. Then I ran it on a full cycle with it almost completely empty. I did this on my first break during work. I came out to the kitchen once more before lunch just to get some more tea, and I heard lots of water being sloshed around and it was warm. So I opened it and lo and behold it had been spraying tons of hot water and the little plate was clean! I let the cycle finish. Then on my lunch break, I filled the racks and ran it again and prayed it would work.

When I got off work, I checked it, and everything was nice and clean and dry, WOOHOO!!! Oh I am so happy y'all just don't know!!

I'm off to watch some TV and relax a little. No School Tomorrow!!!


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