Another busy day.

This is one of those boring no-picture posts. Just wanted to warn you!

Today the plan was to sleep til 12:30 then get up, shower, get ready and go get the girls for our eye exams. Well, very early this morning, Christopher woke me up to ask if it was ok to wake me at noon to take him to the Dr. He had called into work again and needed to see a Dr. I knew that meant it was bad. He'd already missed 2 or 3 days. He's salary, so it won't affect his paycheck thank goodness, but he hates being a burden on the other managers. I told him he deserves to have sick time and get well. He works harder than the other managers do anyway!

So, noon rolls around, we get ready and go to the Urgent Care clinic which had moved across town. It was packed, and standing room only. This flu going around plus colds and whatever have really made it busy. So, I had to leave him there in the waiting room at 1:45 while I went to get two of my girls out of school to go to the eye appt we all had together. Get there and fill out new-patient forms for all 3 of us which takes forever, then after we had been there an hour, the desk clerk calls me up front and says the insurance company says I'm not covered anymore. Which then triggers me remembering that my employer's benefits just changed and went into effect October 1st and the vision plan had sounded unfamiliar when I approved the choices for this year, but I hadn't though much of it. So that time was wasted, I had to go home and check with my employer and find out what was going on. Turns out they did change carriers, but the new plan is the same price and coverage. So, I called them back, found they do take the new insurance, but can't get to us today, come back in 2 weeks. Well, we wouldn't be in town then. So I told them I'd think about it. Then I called another eye Dr place and they couldn't see me til DECEMBER! Crazy! By then it was time to go get Hubby from the clinic and get 13 yr old from her after school meeting. I talked to him about the vision thing and he noticed on the paper I had about network providers that the old eye Dr in my hometown was listed. So he called them and asked when they could see me. This Thursday. YAY! So, he made the appt and told me to go have lunch with my sister or a friend while I'm in town. :) Nice! Still need to make appts for the girls, but we'll see. I might just take them to Lenscrafters in the mall sometime.

Hubby got two shots at the Dr. Seems he has a bad case of Bronchitis, sinusitis and confirmed he has a herniated navel. He got two Rx which I had to go get filled and turned in his Dr note at the store where he works. He's out of work tomorrow too according to the note. I sure hope he can get over this thing soon. I still need to make an appt with his internal specialist to look at that hernia. With him on Plavix, we do not need any internal bleeding or rupturing. Scary...

Finally made it home and took care of Hubby and made dinner then got to work. Meanwhile 13 had a meltdown because she can't find the purse that has her $5 in it for the dance. We all looked everywhere. I have no idea where it could be. Oh well. It'll turn up eventually.

It's been an ongoing struggle to get the girls to do their chores. If you're not right there staring over them, they just do nothing. It's so frustrating. Their end of the house is so nasty. I can't take pics of their rooms for the After pics from the moving of kids from one room to another. It's just unreal how bad the rooms look. The smaller room with just my oldest in it is kind of neat, but she's got 3 stray kittens in there and OMG it STINKS. UGH!!!! I feel so bad too since Hubby asked me to make sure the house smelled like apple cinnamon and Pumpkin spice this Fall, but all you can smell is a cat litter box. I'm too kindhearted to just get rid of the kittens. They are barely big enough to be away from their Mom. They're not really, but she's given them kitten bottles and canned cat food and milk and they've grown and lived and she's taking good care of them. But OMG they stink!

There's a lot of other stuff going on now too involving ailing grandparents, vehicles needing work, bills that HAVE to be paid, money we don't really have, and a trip we must take that we really can't afford. I wish big bills didn't always happen at the same time. I think when we go visit the ailing grandparents, we'll just have to cut it a day shorter. That will help with expenses and stress levels, in my opinions. We'll see. It's going to take a lot of prayer.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm sick with the same thing as Hubby, but I didn't see a Dr. I just fought it off til now I have a bad headache and the nasty cough. I need as much sleep as I can get to get over it though. So sweet dreams Blogland!


  1. Gracious, I can relate! When it rains, it pours! Hope you both get to feeling better soon and life smooths out. It is hard when so much seems to be going wrong and uncontrollable issues are demanding your attention. God bless you and take care!


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