Day One

So, we rolled into town around 5am, got hello hugs in, got everyone situated on air mattresses, couches, and the guest bed, and crashed for a few hours.

I woke up around 10:30am hearing people talking and smelling bacon frying. I smiled thinking everyone must have slept in, and they were cooking a big breakfast. It brought to mind thje huge country breakfasts my Mom would make whenever we stayed overnight at her place for whatever reason. I went to roll out of bed and follow the smell, when the pain hit. I had a back injury when I was 19, and sometimes it acts up. Times like when I have driven for 11 hours straight and then sleep on an unfamiliar, very soft bed.

We hadn't unpacked the van yet, so I had to put yesterday's clothes back on. I was secretly hoping my husband would change his mind and agree to keep the hotel reservations for Wed, Thur and Fri nights. Then I could go over there and take a shower and get dressed and get our stuff put away and organized into drawers and closets etc. However, he was still adamant. No hotel.

Came to find out the smells were from something they were making for lunch, and there was cereal for breakfast. Ah well. We did go to town and got Hubby some flip flops from WalMart since I forgot to pack his sandals. We got some 2-liter drinks and a few snacks.

Dinner was a wonderful beef pot roast with northern "dumplings". I remember my MIL making it when I would go to her house when we were in high school. We don't eat beef at home, so it was a nice treat.

The day went ok, but by the time dinner was over and people were done playing games etc, it was the time I felt that we ought to be going to a hotel. I guess I just felt out of control, but if I were on neutral ground I could be in charge again? I don't know, but it was really getting to me. I ended up going out with two of the girls and got Frosties from Wendy's. It allowed me to chill a little while everyone sat around staring at the TV. I am not a big TV watcher unless it's a DVD I actually WANT to watch.

I took a shower til they were out of hot water and just let the water run and prayed and tried to relax. I think the drive and anticipation of the trip (and something happening) had just really stressed me out. I did go to bed early for me (10:30pm) and I was still cross with hubby before we went to sleep. I hoped Day Two would be better and I would stop acting spoiled and high-maintenance.